Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26, 2010

Its weird that i beat you guys to the Email today... i am guessing that you are probably pretty busy with getting Quincie off to EFY which is going to be a blast for her.
well not a whole lot went on this week it was pretty slow but kind of fast if that makes sense... which it probably doesnt because it is an impossible statement.
Monday well everything fell through and we had to find some other people to teach but we couldnt find anyone and so that kind of sucked... we just kind of chilled during the day because it was p-day so that was nice.
Tuesday i dont really remember what happened... we went and helped one of our members move, and we also went and did more service at the joslyn center and that is always interesting because we are working with old people ya know?
Wednesday we did alot of contacting and we went to a couple different parking lots and on the streets... we had a couple lessons not too many though. We met with a part member family and the wife is the non member and she is korean and she fed us korean food... that was really different, it was pretty good though. Their last name is Barnes and they have relatives that own or owned the Barnes bank in kaysville... i thought that was pretty crazy... dont you think?
Thursday is when we have district meeting and that was pretty good because we got a lot of time to practice teaching and do some role playing and things... that helped with knowing what to say to people when they give us certain answers back. we also had a lesson with another part member family and that was really good. the husband is not the member and the wife really wants to start going backe to church.. i mean who doesnt? but she is going to start to read the Book Of Mormon with her husband to hopefully spark an interest. then i saw a really cool quote in her kitchen... " if God brought you to it... he will get you through it" i thought that quote was awesome. i actually sent that quote to lara and Derek in the last letter i sent to them.
Friday was crazy because of weekly planning and also we had interviews with President Pike and that was really good... we had a good conversation and he cleared up a few of my questions i had about the work. all in all the day was good.
Saturday was alright we met with a man who was really wanting to get back on track and take his wife to the temple... we had a very spiritual lesson with him and we are going to work hard to help him reach that goal, because that is one of the greatest goals anyone could every achieve... that is one of my goals and i wont settle for anything less than that because there is no other way to get eternal family happiness.
well i am out of time thank you for everything and also thanks for the last package i forgot to thank you for that last week. would i be able to get some more shampoo if possible?
Love you all.
Elder Emery

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