Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 14, 2010

Hey Guys... I just Read your letter and I just wanted to say that yes I am Writing the kids back today. This is how i do it... whoever writes me within the week... that is who i write too on Monday... so thats why i havent written back because i just got their letters this week, and i can only write on Mondays.
I am glad you guys got my package, but you didnt say anything about my memory card... did you receive that also... i hope you did because that was the most important part of the message :)

Dang didnt mean to send that message... I wasnt done yet.
Anyway this week was a litte bit different...
Monday: we hadour P-day as usual and we played basketball with some people and then i just wrote some letters and did laundry and shopping ya know>
Tuesday: we had Zone Conference as i said in my letter to you guys. That was really neat sooo coool. the way they trained us and everything was awesome! they gave us some good tips on how to talk with people, and how to ask for referrals so i enjoyed that, it was from 9 in the morning till 2 or 2:30 seemed long but it went by really fast!
Wednesday: was just a normal usual day went out and talked with people... went by some Formers and Less Actives and alot of people just dont want anything to do with the church anymore because they think that because they have all of their stuff (Big House, Nice Cars, Cool Toys) that they dont need anyone in their life right now... especially God which is really frustrating and very sad. i dont know if i have told you this but we also teach a Book Of Mormon classes Wednesday night and i really like doing that... but we just need to get more people attendng the class... or we will have to drop it... which i dont want to do.
Thursday: we visited with our two investigators and we had really good lessons with them and they just need to come to church so they can be baptized... they are so close... so close they just dont have the right amount of faith right now. So that is what we are working on with them right now. we also ran into a really wierd/ funny guy but i dont have enough time to tell you about that right now... then we took a family on a tour (already members) and i enjoyed that... went very well.
Friday: we have weekly planning every friday, and that takes forever... but it needs to be done or we dont know what or how we are going to teach for the week... it is so Long though haha. we did alot of contacting and still havent found anyone new to teach.
Saturday: we had some service at a ladies house where we dug out some Huge Tree roots it was insane! they were so Big! i am actually going to give her your guys email so she can send you the pics :) we did alot of knocking and less active work and that was about it.
Sunday: went to church and did some contacting and formers and some referrals
so the week was alright it went pretty fast the start of the week then towards the end it was a bit slower. Now when i look back though i am like wow the week is over and we start the new one and we are almost half way done with today... so its pretty cool! Sounds like things are going well at home and i hope everything is well at home... Dad i just want to tell you happy Fathers Day... i am sending you a card... cause right now i am out of time... i love you guys alot and i pray for you all everyday!!
Love Elder Emery

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