Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1st Letter from the MTC

May 12, 2010
Hello Family!! I have survived my first week at the MTC, and let me tell you... it was the longest week of my life! I learned alot thought so much information has been given to us it really is so crazy. trying to take it all in and trying to memorize all i can is hard.
Wednesday Day 1: this day i was so sad and all i could think about was you guys my friends and everything else i have left behind and it really made my day hard cause it was making me just not want to be here at all. I Met my companions Elder James and Elder Hampton they are cool Elders Actually Elder Hampton is from Rigby Idaho... so thanks for jinxing me with that one haha. We just had meetings all day and then went to bed
Thursday: This day was the hardest to wake up 'cause it took me forever to fall asleep the night before and then we had to wake up at 6:15... it was Awesome. we met our teachers and i really like Brother Adams... he is a great teacher i have learned alot from him way awesome teacher. we also just had some discussions on the first lesson and stuff... nothing too exciting
Friday: again it took me a while to fall asleep the night before... but this morning we had to go do service at 6:30 holy crap i was tired it was unbelievable... but wait it gets better. we go to do our service and guess what we have to do... The Toliets! geez i was like kill me now... but it actually wasnt too bad so i didnt complain. we had more meetings and stuff like that personal study and companion study... you know how it goes right?
Saturday: We had to be at the Gym at 630... gym was great it actually woke me up... but after that we had to take showers and i still dont think i have had a warm shower up to this day. i cant remember what happened this day... sorry
sunday: This day was such a good day... the spirit was strong today with all of our study and companion study it just didnt get any better. And we have to prepare a talk every sunday because during sacrament meeting the branch president just gets up and anounces who will be speaking that day... that is pretty crazy if you ask me. i didnt have to give my talk pheww but i did have to bless the sacrament.. .so that wasnt bad. we also had a fireside which was great!
Monday: Today we gave our First lesson to an investigator... it was awesome i felt like the sister really understood what we were talking about and was really feeling what we were teaching to her was the truth. that was a great day i felt pretty good about the whole thing and i am going to challenge her to be baptized the next time we meet with her which is Monday... pretty exciting eh?
Tuesday: Today we learned how to give the whole first lesson in 1 Min... that is pretty cool that all that needs to be said can be said in 1 min... we have practiced that alot and it is going good i feel that when we just go up and start talking to people that i will be able to say everything i need to say in a minute and if they have any further questions that is when i ask if we can set up a time to meet with them. later that night we had a devotional... and guess who came and spoke with us?! Jeffrey R. Holland!! Wow he gave such a good talk it was so amazing i took alot of notes because it was so good. i dont have time to go into it right now cause of the time so maybe i will send a letter talking more about it ok? ok!.
Anyway thanks for everything you my family have been doing for me... i pray for everyone of you everyday and dads job speaking of that, hows that going? i love you all so much and Miss you all alot i hate not being able to get an answer from you guys as soon as i write haha but i guess that is just part of it. thank you for the packages and snacks and thanks for sending my watch it is most appreciated. Oh and i love DearElder it is so nice just getting letters on random days it is awesome keep doing that.
Hey Mom would you be able to give me G-pa and G-mas Address and Nanas and well just give me everyone you can think of:) love you all thanks
Love Elder Emery

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