Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hey Guys sounds like things are going pretty good there... but i am not really sure because its hard to put everything in a couple paragraph Email, but if everything is not well... dont worry the future is bright and we must not get ourselves down about what might have happened this past week because everything just gets better from here... i have been trying to think about that Daily.
Anyway Monday was a very different day.... because it was transfer day and i really wasnt looking forward to it because i had just gotten comfortable with my trainer, but there was nothing i could do about it because he has to train again. so we are on bike now... this is going to be a long transfer haha but whatev. we went by this less active family and they started getting tears in their eyes when they saw me because they said that i looked like their step son whom they havent seen in 6 years... that was pretty wierd and actually the next couple of times we went over their the father could keep himself together so that was a little bit of a different experience.
Tuesday is when i Emailed you last and we had service that day and we go to kind of a old folks home and help then out a little bit... that was pretty fun because then i wasnt doing yard work :) haha but while we are on bike we get to talk to alot more people and that is way cool because we can actually communicate with them because i have only seen about 5 asians around... its so wierd to see that like 10 miles away is like a totally different country ha. we set up a bunch of diffferent lessons with people and things should be going pretty good there.
Wednesday we had more lessons and just setting up l alot more times where we can meet with people and this day i met a few of the investigators and we are trying to get things going for them.
All the other days are about the same... we are just talking with a bunch of people and just asking people to take tours and if they are interested in talking with us haha but i am still just getting used to the area.
Yesterday was Sunday obviously and we had church at 11 and during sacrament the bishop had me get up and bear my testimony ha ha so that was a surprise... definitely not expecting that ya know... church was very good though . we also visited a bunch of families and went to dinner at a members house... we helped a lady change her blown tire that was sweet... we were driving to a members house to help them move some stuff around and on our wasy there i crashed on my bike and got all scraped up... my shirt might have to be thrown away because of all the blood and dirt on it... but thats ok because i have 9 others exactly like it haha!
We had 23 lessons this week and we picked up 2 new investigators... 0 tours :(
our goal for next week is 75 tour invites 5 new investigators which is very possible because of all the people we have talked to... and 5 new shouldnt be too hard of a goal.
So sorry this week wasnt very exciting for you to read about... but i just started here so things will only get better. right?
My Companion Elder Dunn is a really good guy... he knows his stuff really well and he also enjoys what he is doing which is really good... because their is alot of elders here who are really apostate. not me though:)
alright... No My shoes have not arrived yet i dont know what is taking them so long but it is ok for now i can wait... oh and i am not exactly sure who Paul Singley is... i am guessing he is related to the Singleys haha but that is all i would know.
Thanks for everything i will right the kids back as soon as i get enough time... we have just been really busy. umm you asked for things you could send me... right now i really dont need anything... you guys already do enough for me so their is no worries their. Oh and no your letters dont make anything worse... anybody that writes me actually make my day better if i am having a hard day cause i read them but i dont dwell on them... but things are going a little better so yeah letters are good.
Thanks again for everthing i love and miss you guys alot... hope all is going well... and hopefully you are getting some swim days in haha because i know those are the best!
Love you all!
Love Elder Emery

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