Monday, July 26, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey Mom,Dad,quincie,Jensen, and Brash,
Wow sounds like things are really going good there... everyone seems to be staying busy and having fun! haha i was thinking the other day that your summer is almost over it is pretty crazy... you only have a little over a month left wierd huh?
Anyway so this last week was a little bit different... all the district and Zone Leaders had meetings Tuesday through Friday so this meant that all of their companions had to go with other companions so we were in a tricompanionship and it was a little bit different.
Monday was a pretty good day once we got out and started doing stuff... we went by this family that had been contacted before and they were really nice and all. They were telling us that they really wanted to start going to church again, and that they were also going to be getting married soon... they really want us to come by again and the guy said that he would even take us fishing haha he was pretty cool. He grew up in calvary chapel church ( those are the ones who teach classes on how to hate LDS members) so we thought taht would make it difficult to talk with him but everything seemed to be ok.
Tuesday is when we had another elder with us... he just barely came out this last transfer so one after me. He is a pretty good Missionary. But we went to the joslyn center and provided service for the elderly people and then went and had a lesson with one of our investigators then we just went and visited with a bunch of different people ya know? we were suppose to have a tour this day but that fell through because nobody knows how to write anything down.
Wednesday i enjoyed this day because we went to a parking lot and contacted people.. we would just kind of go off and talk to seperate people( but we wouldnt get too far away from eachother) and i ended up setting up a tour with a couple people for saturday... i was proud of myself... then we ate at del taco. we visited a couple investigators... one of them we taught the 10 commandments and obedience very good lesson. we were suppose to have three other lessons and those fell through very lame. but i thought it was a pretty good day.
Thursday was alright we didnt seem like we had very much going on... we only taught like 4 lessons and most of them were with LARC (less actives/Recent Converts) wich is not a bad thing but still. we also had some more lessons fall through but that was alright because we found other people to talk with.
Friday... you know what this means dun dun dun... Weekly Planning but its not too bad anymore but dont get me wrong i am still not a fan of it. we only had 2 lessons a day... which is not bad because in my last area we would go a couple days without a lesson so everything is good. its only because people forget they set up to meet with us and then we show up and they arent there, but its ok because its summer and i think about if i was home... usually we were always out doing something like swimming or went to a movie ya know.
Saturday you know that tour that we set up?? well they didnt show up because basically we are "Mormon" and people dont get that we are still Christian even though we belong to the LDS church... if they would look at our name tags that would explain everything... so yeah that made me kind of frustated... besides that we only ended up meeting with a few people but we talked with alot of people on the streets.
Sunday was really good the lessons that were taught to us could not have been done any better... and you should have seen the hill we had to ride up for dinner... you would have pooed your brain.
all in all things are going pretty good... there was another earthquake not too long ago about a 5.4 or something so that was different but i didnt feel it... it has been really hot and humid the other day it was 108 and it rained and made things worse hahaha but its alright because i am still alive :)
Yes dad we get 140 dollars every month so that is good... helps us budget pretty well. anyway hope you all are doing good... i am writing you all today so be on the look out about wednesday for your letters alright!
Love you and Miss you

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