Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 28, 2010

well i will write you guys anything else that i might have missed... i have to get off now:( but i will talk to you all later i love you all... Brash Do good in your games and keep winning... Jens Play and Practice hard in Tennis Cause thats the only way you will be ablt to beat me... quincie Your Going On a Hike??? is Cody going ??? haha just kidding have fun and Good Luck at your appointment tommorow!
haha you guys are so wierd!! Anyway my Week was pretty good... i had my first exchange on tuesday and the Junior Zone Leader came down to our area and i had to take him around for the day and go to our appointments... that was very stressful because i also had to drive and i had no clue where i was going... i was kind of freaking out, but that elder is pretty cool so everything ended up being alright. He said that i did really good and to just keep doing what i am doing... we also found two potentials so i was pretty excited about that. when we exchanged back my companion was pretty surprised because we are just trying to find people and so he was pretty excited.

Then Wednesday seemed really long because we just contacted most of the day because we really didnt have any set plans which made things a little hard ya know. Because my companion is District leader we had to go on exchanges with the other missionaries in our district and that was an interesting experience... So Thursday is when we made the Exchange and we were on bike the whole day... Lamee!! anyway the Elder I was with didnt have any back up plans if the people we were going to see fell through. He wouldnt let me stop and get a drink. We got yelled at by some guy he told us that he would be our friends in the next life if we didnt talk about religion with him. got sworn at a couple times... Went to dinner with a family who thought i was Denzel Washingtons Son and were trying to get me to autograph things haha very fun family though... Went over to a lady Named Marcel and we start talking and she said she was from Haiti and so i was like oh nice my uncle is from Haiti and she was like Oh whats your Uncles name and i told her and she said she is Related to some Guillames and she wants me to get Zachs # so she can call him and see if they are related she got way excited about the whole situation so if at all possible would i be able to get his #? and then to end the night we had to ride up this huge hill i was very tired i must say... so that was Thursday

Fridays i dont really like because we have weekly planning from 10:30 till 2 it is so long and boring it is rediculous... that day wasnt to exciting i am trying to remember if anything happended.. ummm nope that was about it because our appointments fell through. oh and my Urine has been looking pretty Murky again lately... i dont remember if that is good or bad... anyway Saturday we were suppose to have a tour and that didnt happen... mainly because nobody writes anything down so they forget that we set up things with them haha kind of sucks if you ask me. Later that night their was a Patriotic Concert that we had to go to because we had to usher and ya know... that was pretty good not gonna lie. oh and before i forget... the night the lakers Won Everyone was going CRAZYYY juss saying. alright i dotn know if i have mentioned this yet but we live with Elders that cover the Chinese Part and they are pretty good guys. i Really Like Elder Cronk he has given me some good advice and he is cool to be around... he actually goes home on the 6th so he is pretty nervous. yeah so that means that we are coming to the end of this transfer pretty dope yo!!!

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