Thursday, July 8, 2010

2nd MTC letter

May 19, 2010

Hey Fam Just Read Your E-mail... kind of lame that i have to get it a week later and now alot of other stuff has probably happened. This Week has gone by pretty fast we've had a couple really good lessons and we have still been teaching our investigator. Actually on Monday one of our investigators that we were teaching was kind of starting to understand a litttle more about our religion.. so i took the initiative and asked her to be baptized and she agreed to it! Even thought the investigator is just playing a role it was still pretty exciting if ya ask me. I have alot of letters to send of today so you should tell everyone that they should be arriving by friday or saturday i just have to finish up a few and then i will send them off.

I didnt mean to push the send button... these computers here are messed up. Me and Elder Boyd he is a young man in my district get along really well he is from Florida and he is hilarious... and we are already planning on hanging out in two years. he has family that lives over in Kaysville by Ponds Park so i thought that was pretty sweet! How is everything going there seems like i have been gone for forever but at the same time it seems like havent been here for very long the days are flying by and this might sound wierd but we have been told that here at the MTC it goes by really fast... Out in the field it goes by even faster. and that makes me sad cause i enjoy what i have been doing and it is nice just learning and teaching the things of our Gospel. One of our Branch presidents told me in an interview with him on Sunday that He has seen a change in me... He said when he first met me i was kind of... well i cant remember the words he used but it was along the lines of friendly, talkative, fun kid... then he said but since you have been here i have seen that you have changed and become more serious... and the lord has put you in California because of your personality and when you mesh that with your seriousness you will make an outstanding Missionary and i would love to see the Elder Emery in two years because you will have changed so much it will be amazing! When he told me that i was pretty excited because i have not seen the change but i guess other people can!
We had some new Elders come in and There was this one in particular... He is from Romania and he is the only one in his family who is Mormon and while he was at school in Washington he sent in his papers. When he was back home his parents would never let him go to church or anything and they would make him go to the baptist church with them. When he told them that he was going on a Mission they said he would have to pay for everything and they would not be writing him (well atleast the Parents) And he is here and hasnt received mail from his parents... he has written them, but only his brother has written back.
He has tremendous Faith and i look at him and see a strong kid who wants to help bring people unto christ. I just thought i wuld share that with you because it was something i was thinking about.
Next week i get
Elder Emery

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