Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey guys! sounds like things are going well there i am so jealous that i missed baseball games and tennis matches and i will miss being able to see Q make the cheerleading team. I know that you will still be playing when i get back so i dont even worry... i did kind of get to see the pics a Brash, but it is always hard to see them on the computer... but i saw him and it brought back so many memories i wish i could be there to see that... i am not sure if i have told you this but i want to try and walk on somewhere for Baseball... i have been really thinking about the school in Virginia. but we will talk about that more in a few months... there is something that we should probably address though... my License expires february of next year and that is before i come home... i will have to renew it so i can continue driving towards the end of the mission. i dont know who we get in contact with to try and get that fixed.
Dangit i wanted Deamer to get called here so that i could train him haha i was really hoping that he would get called here but thats alright... there are already like 4 of us from kaysville. i have to write him today so if you see him this week tell him that i am writing him back this week.
Yeah i am really excited about L. Tom Perry coming to talk to us... we are going to actually be meeting down in L. A... its going to be cool... it is so soon after General Conference too which makes it even more Sick! we are going to the temple on the 20th also... We are going to the Redlands Temple though so that will be a new temple that i have never been to.
This week was pretty good i know that you said that you wanted to hear more from me this week but i have 7 minutes to try and get this all in to you so i am going to try and hurry... my presidents letter went a little bit long so that took a while.
We had 6 lessons this week so that was pretty good for this area... but we could have had 12... we had 6 fall through... it was lame but that is how this work goes... i met with president this week and just asked him questions and how i felt about the transfer... we got talking and he said some are called to areas to baptize... some are called to find and some are called to build up the ward... then he said what would christ say if he were to look at the area book in La Crescenta... then he said to me when you started in La Crescenta you were only having 2 Less active Lessons a week... you left there with teaching people and teaching 12+ Less active Lessons a week..,.i thnk you did your part there Elder Emery
It was really good to hear that from him i am sorry that this is short i have to hurry and send this off i will try and send you a quick note through the mail this week... keep it up you are all so wonderful and i love and miss you so much!!!
Love Elder Emery

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Guys! wow is sounds like you guys are all doing so wonderful... that is so awesome to hear! it also sounds like it was fun for you all in St. George oh the memories of st. george haha.
i am kind of in a hurry today so i will try and give you as much information as i can about this week in just a little bit of time.
Alright so to start off the Rolling Ridge area is pretty good... let me tell you though... people have to much money i am pretty sure its coming out of their ears. alot of preople are stubborn Born Again Christians and it is really hard to relate to them because they go to automatic hate towards us. But they deserve the Gospel just as much as we do, so we continue to knock on their doors. it is pretty small but its different than any other area that i have been in... all the houses are in subdivisions... you rarely see houses on a main road... so its like people are stuck in their own little community and dont want anything to do with any one else... its weird thats one thing i dont like about it. The ward seems like they will be good... we will have to do alot of the same things taht we did in La Crescenta. This is kind of a bummer because i just got done with helping really build up one ward for 6 months and now i am kind of thrown back into helping out this ward. i think it will be a little bit easier here for some reason though. the Bishop is really missionary minded and that is awesome.
We live with a member she is 82 years old and hilarious... i laugh everytime i talk to here. she has had missionaries for like 40 years! the only bad thing about living with her is that we live 8 miles out of our area... it takes us 20 minutes to get to and from our area, and so we will be on bike once we pick up our bike rack on Wednesday... Speaking of wednesday... we are having a meeting with President Pike to discuss our visit that we will be having from L. Tom Perry in April!!! that is totally cool huh he will be coming here and we will be meeting with another surrounding mission... i am so excited for that it is going to be sweet!!!
Distict meeting was good this week... yes i still really enjoy doing it. The new District is bomb! we have the Zone Leaders in our district and that is pretty good they are really good. one of them was my district Leader while i was in South Hills so if will be fun to go on exchanges with him again.
Nothing else really happened this week we are hoping to pick up some good investigators this week... we only picked one up last week so we definitely need to improve!
Well i love you guys and pray for you everyday keep giving it your all and do your best at everything you do!
Oh! mom Elder Rust told me to tell you to call his father about Horse stuff... and maybe he can help you i know they have a bunch of horses...
Gaylen Rust:
Hopefully he can help you out and it is pretty close to our house in Kaysville
Love you have a great day/ week!!
Elder Emery

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey guys sorry this is late... we had a pretty busy P-day today..
First we went Frolfing (Frisbee Golfing)... then we went and played Ultimate Frisbee at the Rose Bowl i didnt really play cause of my ankle but it was still fun to go with a bunch of missionaries and hang out. Then i guy in our ward asked us if it would be alright to let him take a couple pictures of us to put into one of his paintings... he is an artist thats what he does for a living, and judging by the size of his house adn different things ... i think he does pretty well. and so we went and took some pics... that was cool. I guess i am just becoming famous here in California!!!
Transfers are coming up here this next week :( i would like to stay but i am not sure that i will... i have been here since the End of September... thats a pretty long time to be in an area, so i hear. i wouldnt mind getting a new companion... nuff said about that. i just dont want to talk bad about my companion so we will just leave it at that. i am nervous about this weekend, because i dont want to know that i am leaving!!
This week we had another session of Leadership Training... It was really good... we Learned alot and we got some more rules. i dont understand why we have to get more pointless rules... it jsut makes things more frustrating, because sometimes i feel that i walked out the door and did something wrong. it is what it is though... we have to follow the rules. We actually do get a new mission President in July... i dont know if you already knew that or not, but President Pikes 3 years is winding down... our new mission President is President and siter Bacerra... they are from utah and a funny interesting fact is that when they went on their own missions they both served in the California, Arcadia mission, crazy huh?? i thought that was pretty cool!
This past week was alright... the two new investigators we found last week dropped us on Saturday and so that was sad, they dont understand... they were so excepting when we took them on the tour, but then when we finally got in contact with them they told us that they were not interested anymore... i was sad because it seemed like this past week was slow.
We went by an older couple that we chopped wood for and they were really nice to us... they were like you guys didnt get to share a message with us last time you came by... we were like i know you guys said you were busy. adn she went and got a book of mormon that her brother gave her like 40 years ago or probably more because this book of mormon was printed in 1948... its the one that is red with the Angel Moroni on the front... she gave it to me and said it would probably mean more to me than to her, but she said that she wanted one of the Books Of Mormon that we give out now. so we did and she promised us she would read it and she told us to come back this next week to tell us how it went for her!! she was so cool she a very nice old Lady!! we were very excited to listen to the spirit and to be able to find them!
Well i have got to go to a lesson but i love you guys so much and i hope everything is going well for you!! i Miss you guys and thank you for everything you do!!
sorry this is short but i have to go!
Love Elder Emery

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 28, 2011

Hey Guys Sounds like things are going well for you!
Well today we went to get groceries and we found out that our Blue Cards didnt have money on them yet. so i jsut spent 50 dollars on groceries with my debit Card... sorry. i really do hate using my card because that money could be going some where else, so i dont know... to help me could you not put any more money on my card , because its like i always have a back up so if i use all my money on my Blue Card then i'm like "well thats ok i still have my personal car" and i dont want to say that. i have been really tempted to send my Debit Card home just because i feel like i dont have self control with it. And if there is no money on my Debit card then it will force me to manage my money better. Does this sound ok? i just dont want to be a financial burden for you guys... everytime i use my card i always feel guilty and i dont want that so i figured this is the best way for me... let me know what you guys think.
So for my week... well it was pretty good for the most part. We found 2 new investigators and set them with a Baptismal Date of March 20th... they are Hindu. Lately we have been running into aloft of Hindu people and they seem really interested in Learning more about the Gospel... and ya know what? thats alright with us!
But yeah these two people we found seem very interested and they are very sincere about meeting with us and coming to chruch... we are very excited about them and their desire to follow Christ!
We have run into alot of People that are interested in our religion, but they just wont make any appointments with us... This is very very Frustrating, because if only they knew what this Message could do for them i know they would be more receptive. Everyone has their Agency though and we definitely cant take that away from them, and so that gets in the way of things. I am still trying to find my place in this area... i know that i am here for a reason, but i feel like i havent found it yet. I keep praying for it everyday.
My Companion and i struggle a little bit... i am a very talkative kind of person and he doesnt really like talking. We notice that there is contention between us and its because of communication issues. Contention drives the spirit away so fast and i am trying my best to be more humble and do things his way and not talk and be boring but its so hard... i dont know what to do.He told me that he doesnt respect me... but then when i asked him why he couldnt give me and answer... it is going to be a hard next couple of weeks... Transfers come up in 2 weeks I cant wait!
Oh i forgot to tell you... it snowed here in california this past week again! it has been freezing here!
Its been hard these past weeks... Satan has really been working on me for some reason... he wants me to just give up. every time some one slams the door or chews us out about something... i get thoughts of " i am not good enough... jsut give up and go home.. this isnt worth it" i am not going to lie it has been a struggle lately and it is wearing down on me. he really is trying to get a wedge into me and i am doing all i can to keep him out. I pray everyday to be strengthened and to help me get through another week because i cant do it alone... it just doesnt work. The one thing that definitely keeps me going though is sharing the Message of the Atonement with members... it makes me forget about everything and jsut think about the Savior and what he went through...He was tempted but never gave in... i am tempted but because of the Savior and thinking about him it makes me stronger and i dont give in, because if Jesus would have given in to any temptation he wouldnt be perfect and their wouldnt be a way for us to get back to our Heavenly Father, But the Atonement is real and it makes me want to give my all for the Savior who gave his all for us... he knows what i am going through and he wants me to lean on his arm for help and honestly He gets me through every day. i am Happy though... how could i not be happy doing this Marvelous Work? My Joy has been great being able to bring souls unto Christ and that makes every hard day worth it... i really would give anything to see the happiness this Gospel brings to them... and it brings happiness to me and thats why i never give up. I dont even think about home the same way anymore... some of the things back home dont even matter to me anymore. Honestly this is going to sound weird but you could sale my Golf clubs and my Longboard... i am no longer attached to them... they didnt bring the same happiness that this brings me its weird i know but it is so true i Love doing this Work even though it is hard... " i never said it would be easy... i only said it would be worth it" So true.
Brash i will send you your prize... i cant right now because they changed the rules on where we can take our cars on P-days so i have to wait till we can get a member to take us to China town.
sorry this isnt very much but i have to be going... i am going to have a good week... and i hope you do too. i pray for you all everyday and i love you very much!
Stay safe and Be strong!
I love and Miss you very much
Love Elder Emery