Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey guys sorry this is late... we had a pretty busy P-day today..
First we went Frolfing (Frisbee Golfing)... then we went and played Ultimate Frisbee at the Rose Bowl i didnt really play cause of my ankle but it was still fun to go with a bunch of missionaries and hang out. Then i guy in our ward asked us if it would be alright to let him take a couple pictures of us to put into one of his paintings... he is an artist thats what he does for a living, and judging by the size of his house adn different things ... i think he does pretty well. and so we went and took some pics... that was cool. I guess i am just becoming famous here in California!!!
Transfers are coming up here this next week :( i would like to stay but i am not sure that i will... i have been here since the End of September... thats a pretty long time to be in an area, so i hear. i wouldnt mind getting a new companion... nuff said about that. i just dont want to talk bad about my companion so we will just leave it at that. i am nervous about this weekend, because i dont want to know that i am leaving!!
This week we had another session of Leadership Training... It was really good... we Learned alot and we got some more rules. i dont understand why we have to get more pointless rules... it jsut makes things more frustrating, because sometimes i feel that i walked out the door and did something wrong. it is what it is though... we have to follow the rules. We actually do get a new mission President in July... i dont know if you already knew that or not, but President Pikes 3 years is winding down... our new mission President is President and siter Bacerra... they are from utah and a funny interesting fact is that when they went on their own missions they both served in the California, Arcadia mission, crazy huh?? i thought that was pretty cool!
This past week was alright... the two new investigators we found last week dropped us on Saturday and so that was sad, they dont understand... they were so excepting when we took them on the tour, but then when we finally got in contact with them they told us that they were not interested anymore... i was sad because it seemed like this past week was slow.
We went by an older couple that we chopped wood for and they were really nice to us... they were like you guys didnt get to share a message with us last time you came by... we were like i know you guys said you were busy. adn she went and got a book of mormon that her brother gave her like 40 years ago or probably more because this book of mormon was printed in 1948... its the one that is red with the Angel Moroni on the front... she gave it to me and said it would probably mean more to me than to her, but she said that she wanted one of the Books Of Mormon that we give out now. so we did and she promised us she would read it and she told us to come back this next week to tell us how it went for her!! she was so cool she a very nice old Lady!! we were very excited to listen to the spirit and to be able to find them!
Well i have got to go to a lesson but i love you guys so much and i hope everything is going well for you!! i Miss you guys and thank you for everything you do!!
sorry this is short but i have to go!
Love Elder Emery

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