Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hey Guys hows it going??... sorry i got on a 10:30 today but i didnt have any emails from you guys so i decided i would wait for a little bit... then we went and played some ball with some Elders... that was pretty tight if ya ask me.
Alright so about Thanksgiving dinner... we are suppose to be eating with our recent convert Mary... the one that was just Baptized on the 7th. i am kind of mad about it... Mary has been out of a job for about ummm a long time now, and she just went to court to declare bankruptcy... she really doesnt have the mondey to do this for us... besides that she has an 8 year old son to provide for. Here in La Crescenta there are alot of wealthy members who could have a less active member over so that we could come over and eat with them... because President said that we can only eat with Less Active Members... the Less active members around here haent been to church in like 10 years so its hard to get them to have us over. I am just kind of frustrated about the whole thing... Christmas is suppose to be the same way... only Less Active or Part Member families can have us over. But any way... we should be having dinner on Thanksgiving, but i am not quite sure yet. it honestly doesnt even feel like the Holidays... kind of sad huh?
if you cant tell... i really dont like some of the members here in this ward... its just the way they are taht makes me mad... its like gouging there eyes out to try and get some one to take a tour with us or for help with lessons... its irritating.
This transfer has seemed really long so far... its only the third week. President either needs to get me out of here or transfer another elder in here, because i really cannot deal with theis any longer... but i have to for 4 more weeks :{ we have another transfer the week of Christmas... kind of a lame time to transfer, but thats when it happens... so if you could just pray for me so i dont pull my hair out... well theres not much to grab on to, but you understand.
We had Zone conference on Friday... that was pretty good we basically just went over the how to find people part in our Preach my Gospel books... it seems like nothing we try in this area is working though, and my companion has lost alot of faith in this area... it makes it really hard for me to keep mine up when my companion barely wants to go out and talk with people... ya know what i mean?? Everything was good though we learned alot about different things on how to start teaching lessons to people and how to try and work more with ward members... we will see how things go.
Everything else seems to be going ok... we are getting closer to Baptism with Mary's Son he expressed some more interest into Baptism, so we continue to teach him... i think that he will be baptized within teh next couple of weeks.
Sorry nothing to exciting has happened this week just alot of frustrations have been making things really hard, but i am working on trying to get those out of the way.
Anyway thanks for everything i am extremely thankful for you guys... i am thankful for dads job so that he can provide for the family and me to be out here. i am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i am thankful for the very many blessings that our heavenly Father blesses us with... I love you Guys so Much and i hope you enjoy the Holiday up in PC...GO COUGS!!!!
Love you and miss you very much
Love Elder Emery

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hello... Hello! Sounds like things are going great in the Emery home... thats always good to hear! Dad i am glad to hear that some sales are coming up and that you will hopefully get your quota by the beginning of December... that would be so awesome!!... ok so just so you know my thinking now... right after i just typed that would be so awesome... my next thought or question was going to be "so what did you do different?... what are you applying to the work that you werent before?" yeah i know that is weird for me to say hahah that is just how we have to be thinking now out here, or we dont get anything done.
Thanks for the tips on the salads mom i will definitely go out and take care of business with the salads. Haha i am not sure if we will be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with members or not... i am not sure if we can eat Christmas dinner with members either. Last sunday we got asked if we could come over for Christmas breaksfast and we had to tell the family we dont know the rules on that... as of right now its no, but we will get back to you. So to answer your question on that... i am not sure. we will find out this Zone Conference on Friday... i hope. Oh and before i forget... a couple weeks ago a lady came up to me and told me that she knew someone that was working at the bishops storehouse in Kaysville and said that she talked to you or something... i thought that was really cool! Small Small world and it seems to only be getting smaller. if you see Lara with in the next couple of days... tell her that the letter for her and her family was sent last week... and i have no clue how long it takes to get to V.A.
Alright so about my week... it was pretty slow. We did have a few tour accepts this week, but two of them fell through and the other one is on Sunday, so we are hoping that one goes through.
This area reminds me alot of my first area over in Temple City... nobody wants to talk to you and the streets have been tracted out over and over and over, so it makes things a little bit difficult. For this week there is not much to say because we just knocked doors and talk to all the crazy people... People we start to bash with us adn try to tell us how we are wrong and all this nonsense, but we always win... My companion says he loves defending the truth with me because i can answer all these peoples crap and tell them whats up... i am not going to lie ( were you making fun of that saying?? that is one of the greatest sayings ever haha) it gets annoying when people come at us like we are idiots... dont they understand that we study for 2 hours EVERYDAY?
For two days i had a new Elder with me... His name is Elder Alisa. he is from St. George... he had been out for 2 days... all the leadership positions in the mission were at leadership training. it is really weird being with an Elder that is still green as grass... hopefully i set a good example for him and i kind of got to show him the ropes and how to do a few things out here... it was fun he is a really cool Elder i think he will end up being really good... if he stays focused, because he has a girl waiting for him and i know that can take peoples focus off... My companion is the worst at that.
China town was messed up.
We had a really good lesson last night with a less active family... i had to prepare for it, because i have no clue what the heck my companion was doing... probably sleeping :(
I did an object lesson on Faith in Jesus Christ... this family wants to go to the temple... they just have a few hold ups. The whole point of the lesson was to show them how much faith they had and how that leads them to follow the Commandments. My companion said that the lesson was Awesome and that he didnt have anything that good to teach them! i was pretty excited!! i thought it could have gone better, but i know the family knows how important Faith is, and they know how much Faith they have in Christ.
That lesson was difinitely a testimony Builder for me and i wasnt even expecting that outcome... i was shown that others people Faith in Jesus Christ really helped me know that what i am doing out here is definitely for the good no matter what people are yelling to us while we are walking down the street. This is what life is all about... to see if we are willing to Trust in the lord and do all that he says and follow is plan... We will make it back to our Heavenly Father.
Something interesting that i was thinking about yesterday...when we are baptized we are buried in the water signifying the death of our old life, adn we are brought up out of the water signifying the start of a new... Christ was baptized... buried in the water death of old life... brought up start of a new... spirit came upon him. think about that.. that is like a spiritual resurrection.. because when Christ died he rose on the third day when you die your body adn sprit separate... your body is usually buried and your spirit goes to the spirit world... when you are resurrected your body and spirit reunite. i thought it was an interesting connection..
thats about it for this week... i love you guys and i pray for you everyday!!
oh and mom you asked for any requests... the honey mustard salad dressing sounds great and if you can... My two pairs of church pants that i left there... i thought those should be of good use out here in the field. if you can find them would you be willing to send those to me?
Love you and Miss you guys more than you know!!
Love Elder Emery

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey Guys!!! I definitely agree with Monday to Monday being slow.
Transfers came in and i am.... Staying in La Crescenta with My same companion it should be a good transfer. Sounds like things are going well back home... except for the weather :( you should just come to california it has been very warm here... it is wierd it doesnt even feel like teh end of the year, because it really isnt cold.
We Had a very successful Baptism yesterday!! she was so excited to be baptized. she ended up being good with Tithing and just figures that it uis all part of Gods Plan and apart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
speaking of Gods Plan i have had some interesting mind boggling crazy learning experiences... well to start off... did you know that Heavenly Father has God?? and that he is the father of our generation, but that isnt just like the people that have lived here or that are living here or will live here... he is the God of all the worlds that he created... there are people out there in different worlds. God may have been a Christ... because heavenly fathers father 1st son was our heavenly father... it is crazy... it makes sense becuase its one eternal round, and "as man is God once was" makes sense right... it is really deep stuff... and it is very crazy.
So Q's picture is really good... she looks like she is twenty! thats not good cause that means i have to try and keep the boys off her... and i am in California so i cant keep up with that. Sounds like her experience with reading the scriptures was way good... i am not going to lie i dont think i would have ever thought she would be doing that, but i can tell you right now that the spirit was definitely there adn that is a cool experience... i am proud of her for that, because i never would have done that before the mission, but i will definitely do it when i get back!! oh and quincie who is you Geography teacher?? is it Mr. Dau or Daw i cant remembe3r how you spell his name, but if it is... just get on his good side and he will like you, because if i can get a B in his class i know you can too!!
Jensen well all i have to say is..... Boot camp is awesome, but just sleep in so that you dont have to go during Bikes!!;) hahaha just kidding i actually like riding bikes now since i have been out here.. its a great workout!!
Brash Sounds like you are doing good in your games... keep it up!! you are awesome buddy i love you. you have to do good in school too though so you can play in jr high and high school ok?!
That is cool that Lara is in town... not so cool that all of them are in Hawaii.....Lucky!! i am sending Lara adn Dereks letter to them today... i feel bad it has taken me so long to get back to them... i have just been really busy ya know?
Speaking of healthy food... will you send me some Salad recipes and things that will make me nice and healthy?? i think that would help alot... if i just eat really simply helathy meals because we are getting the shaft on dinners haha. would you be able to do that though?? i promise you that you dont want to know why i hate germs so bad... it will make you sick! i did buy some clorox wipes today at Albertsons though... that should help some of my problem... maybe in one of my next letters i will give more info.
Well i have to get going.. thanks for your prayers for our invetigators... it has paid off i pray for you all every night and i hope that things keep going well for you!!
in my last email i forgot to tell you thanks for the money for my Retainer... Thank you i really appreciate it. i have to wear it everyday besides when i am eating... its one of the kind that has the wire ya know what i mean?? so it kind of stinks but... it is what it is.
Love you guys you are all so wonderful!!!
Love Elder Emery

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 25 2010

Hey You Guys... i did receive your Package and it was so awesome!!! it definitely made my day... because it was kind of rough day... so thank you very much. I so hope the weather is good in vegas this weekend.. it has not been very good here, and we are suppose to get a big storm this week... so i hope it doesnt move that way.
Oh interesting fact... Obama was in town this week. He was in Glendale that is about 15 minutes away from where we are serving... just to give you an idea of where i am.
There are so many armenian people here... it is insane and on top of that they are really rude. Their is also alot of Korean people in my area... i honestly dont know why i am here... i dont speak any of these languages hahahah... Glendale is the highest populated area with armenian outside of armania... Can you believe that??
alright so about the baptisms... i only got to see Josh's because the other one ended up being on Saturday so i couldnt go to that.
He was so excited i took pictures of it but i cant send you my card until you send my other one back... could you send that back for me.
It was so awesome!!
i really dont have to much time to talk but i will definitely send you a letter with more info today. sorry i am just really rushed... there is not enough time to do everything on Mondays... it is kind of lame.
Haha i got three letters with hints towards me dating lindsay when i get home... haha you guys are funny... the reason her letter was so long was because i hadnt talked with her in over 4 and a half months... adn she asked what has been going on... ha so that is my explanation for the length of her letter... then she wrote me an 8 page one... it was like a novel!
Anyway i have to be going but i have alot more to tell you so be looking in the mail for my letter this friday ok...
Love you guys so so much, and i think about you often!!!
Love Elder Emery

November 1 2010

Hey Guys... Happy Halloween!!!! Yesterday?? Jensen Happy Birthday!!! i sent you a letter... its in the mail ok?
Well we invited Mary to be Baptized... She said YES!!! her baptism date is on Sunday the 7th... we taught her about the law of tithing... she was a little bit iffy on that one so we ust have to make sure she really understands that ya know? we are very excited she seems ready. she told us that so many good things have been happening since she has been investigating the church... she knows this is the path that God wants her to be on... it was way cool to hear her say that!!
Oh Man for halloween 2012 we have to come here to this area... it is way cool so put that on the calendar. There is this street that have a bunch of stores on it... the street is called Honolulu and there was so many people that were out trick or treating from all the businesess... it was soo coool we handed out candy and pass along cards also... it was like crowds at Disneyland...yeah that big!! They say on Christmas its even bigger on that street because they have a parade and everything... the street isnt very big either it is crazy... but its definitely on my to do list for when i return! (you guys will come too)
We had a former investigator tell us that she wants to get back into religion... so she is coming to us (cause we are profesh) we had a great sit down with her...it was cool we totally had the spirit with us why we were explaining things and fixing her doubts... it was great.
Well not too much happenend this week... i am turning into a germ a phob... i dont want too but it is happening and yes it is cause of my companion... i dont want to even go into detail... ha but its bad enough that i carry around hand sanitizer. We are getting along a little bit better... its a work in progress. we have transfers coming up on Monday... i am hoping for the best... if ya know what i mean :)
i wouldnt mind staying in this area... i have gotten used to it. it is the smallest area in the mission and it is still pretty good. i am thinking President Pike should change my Mission call to Korean or Armenian... what do you think?
Thanks again for the packages and letters they are always great!! i hope Vegas was good. sounds like you all had fun. how is the job coming dad??
i think about Brash's Baptism often and i still cant believe that i will be missing it. Definitely send me an invite... oh and no i couldnt see the pictures of the yard because of the program you used to send it... so i need to see that also.
Well i love you guys alot and i hope all is well miss you tons... wish me luck today... we are going to china town... it will be very interesting.
Love Elder Emery