Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1 2010

Hey Guys... Happy Halloween!!!! Yesterday?? Jensen Happy Birthday!!! i sent you a letter... its in the mail ok?
Well we invited Mary to be Baptized... She said YES!!! her baptism date is on Sunday the 7th... we taught her about the law of tithing... she was a little bit iffy on that one so we ust have to make sure she really understands that ya know? we are very excited she seems ready. she told us that so many good things have been happening since she has been investigating the church... she knows this is the path that God wants her to be on... it was way cool to hear her say that!!
Oh Man for halloween 2012 we have to come here to this area... it is way cool so put that on the calendar. There is this street that have a bunch of stores on it... the street is called Honolulu and there was so many people that were out trick or treating from all the businesess... it was soo coool we handed out candy and pass along cards also... it was like crowds at Disneyland...yeah that big!! They say on Christmas its even bigger on that street because they have a parade and everything... the street isnt very big either it is crazy... but its definitely on my to do list for when i return! (you guys will come too)
We had a former investigator tell us that she wants to get back into religion... so she is coming to us (cause we are profesh) we had a great sit down with her...it was cool we totally had the spirit with us why we were explaining things and fixing her doubts... it was great.
Well not too much happenend this week... i am turning into a germ a phob... i dont want too but it is happening and yes it is cause of my companion... i dont want to even go into detail... ha but its bad enough that i carry around hand sanitizer. We are getting along a little bit better... its a work in progress. we have transfers coming up on Monday... i am hoping for the best... if ya know what i mean :)
i wouldnt mind staying in this area... i have gotten used to it. it is the smallest area in the mission and it is still pretty good. i am thinking President Pike should change my Mission call to Korean or Armenian... what do you think?
Thanks again for the packages and letters they are always great!! i hope Vegas was good. sounds like you all had fun. how is the job coming dad??
i think about Brash's Baptism often and i still cant believe that i will be missing it. Definitely send me an invite... oh and no i couldnt see the pictures of the yard because of the program you used to send it... so i need to see that also.
Well i love you guys alot and i hope all is well miss you tons... wish me luck today... we are going to china town... it will be very interesting.
Love Elder Emery

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