Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey Guys!!! I definitely agree with Monday to Monday being slow.
Transfers came in and i am.... Staying in La Crescenta with My same companion it should be a good transfer. Sounds like things are going well back home... except for the weather :( you should just come to california it has been very warm here... it is wierd it doesnt even feel like teh end of the year, because it really isnt cold.
We Had a very successful Baptism yesterday!! she was so excited to be baptized. she ended up being good with Tithing and just figures that it uis all part of Gods Plan and apart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
speaking of Gods Plan i have had some interesting mind boggling crazy learning experiences... well to start off... did you know that Heavenly Father has God?? and that he is the father of our generation, but that isnt just like the people that have lived here or that are living here or will live here... he is the God of all the worlds that he created... there are people out there in different worlds. God may have been a Christ... because heavenly fathers father 1st son was our heavenly father... it is crazy... it makes sense becuase its one eternal round, and "as man is God once was" makes sense right... it is really deep stuff... and it is very crazy.
So Q's picture is really good... she looks like she is twenty! thats not good cause that means i have to try and keep the boys off her... and i am in California so i cant keep up with that. Sounds like her experience with reading the scriptures was way good... i am not going to lie i dont think i would have ever thought she would be doing that, but i can tell you right now that the spirit was definitely there adn that is a cool experience... i am proud of her for that, because i never would have done that before the mission, but i will definitely do it when i get back!! oh and quincie who is you Geography teacher?? is it Mr. Dau or Daw i cant remembe3r how you spell his name, but if it is... just get on his good side and he will like you, because if i can get a B in his class i know you can too!!
Jensen well all i have to say is..... Boot camp is awesome, but just sleep in so that you dont have to go during Bikes!!;) hahaha just kidding i actually like riding bikes now since i have been out here.. its a great workout!!
Brash Sounds like you are doing good in your games... keep it up!! you are awesome buddy i love you. you have to do good in school too though so you can play in jr high and high school ok?!
That is cool that Lara is in town... not so cool that all of them are in Hawaii.....Lucky!! i am sending Lara adn Dereks letter to them today... i feel bad it has taken me so long to get back to them... i have just been really busy ya know?
Speaking of healthy food... will you send me some Salad recipes and things that will make me nice and healthy?? i think that would help alot... if i just eat really simply helathy meals because we are getting the shaft on dinners haha. would you be able to do that though?? i promise you that you dont want to know why i hate germs so bad... it will make you sick! i did buy some clorox wipes today at Albertsons though... that should help some of my problem... maybe in one of my next letters i will give more info.
Well i have to get going.. thanks for your prayers for our invetigators... it has paid off i pray for you all every night and i hope that things keep going well for you!!
in my last email i forgot to tell you thanks for the money for my Retainer... Thank you i really appreciate it. i have to wear it everyday besides when i am eating... its one of the kind that has the wire ya know what i mean?? so it kind of stinks but... it is what it is.
Love you guys you are all so wonderful!!!
Love Elder Emery

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