Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 25 2010

Hey You Guys... i did receive your Package and it was so awesome!!! it definitely made my day... because it was kind of rough day... so thank you very much. I so hope the weather is good in vegas this weekend.. it has not been very good here, and we are suppose to get a big storm this week... so i hope it doesnt move that way.
Oh interesting fact... Obama was in town this week. He was in Glendale that is about 15 minutes away from where we are serving... just to give you an idea of where i am.
There are so many armenian people here... it is insane and on top of that they are really rude. Their is also alot of Korean people in my area... i honestly dont know why i am here... i dont speak any of these languages hahahah... Glendale is the highest populated area with armenian outside of armania... Can you believe that??
alright so about the baptisms... i only got to see Josh's because the other one ended up being on Saturday so i couldnt go to that.
He was so excited i took pictures of it but i cant send you my card until you send my other one back... could you send that back for me.
It was so awesome!!
i really dont have to much time to talk but i will definitely send you a letter with more info today. sorry i am just really rushed... there is not enough time to do everything on Mondays... it is kind of lame.
Haha i got three letters with hints towards me dating lindsay when i get home... haha you guys are funny... the reason her letter was so long was because i hadnt talked with her in over 4 and a half months... adn she asked what has been going on... ha so that is my explanation for the length of her letter... then she wrote me an 8 page one... it was like a novel!
Anyway i have to be going but i have alot more to tell you so be looking in the mail for my letter this friday ok...
Love you guys so so much, and i think about you often!!!
Love Elder Emery

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