Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hey guys how are you all doing? i hope you all are getting excited for Christmas... i know i am! i cant wait to talk to you guys it seems like it has been a very long time.  Brash.. Happy Birthday! i hope you get your Letter soon... and you too dad i sent them at the same time... sorry it took so long to get them off.
This past week was super lame, because i was sick most of the week... it started on Tuesday and it just continually got worse. i am alright now i am feeling alot better. i still have a cough and stuff but its nothing too bad at this point.
We had our Mission Christmas Party on Wednesday... that was really fun! the only bad part was i left my camera in my backpack so i didnt have that with me that day.. that was kind of a bummer, but i am working on getting pictures from other peoples cameras. it has been really hard for me to get into picture mode on my mission. so i always forget to take my camera to things and then i end up getting mad at myself when i dont take it. i am working on being better at taking pics. My companion, two other elders and i sang a song with the Ukelele at the Party... that was pretty fun, but it was hard cause i was sick, but it went good though. i am working on getting that performance from another missionaries camera. it was really fun to celebrate that with our mission president. he is awesome i really have loved him being our mission president.
Alright so i am sorry i didnt have time to send this off yesterday... my companion had a doctors appointment we had to get to, and i had to email our president our numbers for the last week, so i didnt have time to send this, but i am just sending you a quick note because i know that you want to be informed on what will be going on on Christmas. we will probably... well we are going to be skyping at about 12:30 our time so i think that would be 1:30 your time... i hope that works for you i know you will have a busy day, but that is the time that works best for us. 
sorry again that this is short... i hope all is going well for everyone of you! take care and i will talk to you on Christmas!!
Merry Christmas!!
Love Elder Emery

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 26, 2011

Hey family! it was so good to see you on Sunday! i know i never really say much when we talk but its cause its just fun to see you all and see how you all are doing!
this email will probably be short... well i know it will be short because i just talked to you guys.
Anyway i hope you guys are doing well. you all looked great!
i am going to get my drivers liscense paper work done so that i can send that home by the end of this week
and the face wash is called power cleanser.
Christmas day ended up being good! we went over to La Crescenta to see Mary and Brendon... that was fun to see them this past week they were excited and we just talked for a while and then we had a nerf war with Brendon so that was fun.  Then later on we went over to our Bishops house and we had dinner with them and that was fun too... sister Ballard cooked a good meal and then we played scattergories with their family so that was pretty fun!
Yesterday was our P-day so we went and played soccer with a member family... last week i told one of the daughters that i could beat her in soccer so we went and played at a park. then we played soccer later on with some other missionaries... then we went to Jamba Juice and that was delicious!! thank you very much for that Gift Card! then we went out to work and received a few referrals for a member. when we were driving to go play soccer i was thinking about our area and i started thinking about some people in a part of our area that we go and try and visit...( we have like 5 people in a little area that we work around) and i was thinking about a lady that is a member who is never home when we stop by, but i thought we should stop by her and turns out that she was home and she gave us a friend that we should go by who is interested in the church... so that was good that we went by her last night!
other than that we just have a busy week ahead of us and we are going to work hard to try and do the very best we can! transfers are this week and i dont know what will happen, but whatever happens i just know its for a reason and i will find that reason...
i love you guys and have a great day!!
Love Elder Emery

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Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!  I hope you had the best DAy Ever!!
Hey family how are you all doing? sounds to me like things are going well! doing good things and living a good life is what it seems to me.
well today and for the next few days it is going to be rainy and cold here... how is the weather there? any snow yet? i would probably imagine it has snowed quite a bit. 
hmm so Christmas is around the corner... it is so weird that it is here again. seems like the time has kind of started to pick up these last couple months (well since October...) it actually seems like it wasnt too long ago that we were talking on mothers day. and that was 7 months ago... crazy huh? alot has happened since then... lots of great experiences and blessings have come in just a short time and i am so greatful that i have had the opportunity to have them.
hearing about the Christmas parties makes me miss them... Grandmas temple party is always awesome! lots of memories helping set up, helping with food, and serving the temple workers is always fun! and nanas party is always fun too... did you have the party at hires? i miss that stuff but its all good.
oh yeah i received a little thing from Lara and Derek... they look so good and i was so surprised to see how big jack was! i was like what tha whose that? he is super big? it was fun to hear from them.
so this week was kind of good, but every one seems to be busy around this time of year. i dont know why? ha just kidding. anyway so you know i was telling you about how we talked with the ward asking them for their help with missionary work? anyway so slowly the ward is coming to us and wanting to work with us and do some activities. two different families asked us to come caroling with them this next week... they will have a big group with them and so we will have two different opportunities to get to know some of the ward members. slowly but surely we are making progress. and we did have the bishop asked us to come over for Christmas! so we are making it happen here in the Glendora 5th ward!!
i think things are going to really turn around here... just have to get the ward members to be on the Lords errand you know what i mean.
well i have to be going but i love you guys very much and appreciate you all very much!
be safe and take care.
Love Elder Emery

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 5, 2011

Hey Family! sorry that you are probably wondering why i am emailing so late ... well its because my companion was practicing with a few other elders so that they could practice for the Christmas party on the 14th. they are doing the haka! i am singing with two other elders... they forced me to do it with them. we all are suppose to participate... that will be interesting!

so since i wasnt able to get off a letter... sorry. anyway i will let you know how things have been going lately. oh yeah and i have a letter that i have written today so i could send home my cf card.

so i am with one of the coolest elders in the mission... in one of... if not the most prideful area in our mission. these people have so much money that they flaunt it. i felt so out of place these last couple sundays... well mostly the first sunday but yesterday was bad too. i wish you could see it up here it is ridiculous! i try to be nice towards the members but most of them probably dont even care that we are here in this ward.
i got up yesterday in fast and testimony meeting and i told them that they need to help us with our missionary work... and the best way that missionary work moves along is through the members. i said other stuff too, but i dont know if alot of members liked me doing that. then we had to present our member missionary work program to the high priests... that was pretty good. it just felt like them members were like " yeah yeah we have heard it before." i dont know what is going to happen. i told them that i they need to step it up... i also brought up the fact that i have been in the area for 2 weeks now and i have only been in 2 member homes... one being Thanksgiving. the ward probably hates me, but it will be alright.

last night we received a call from one of the more humble members... he asked us if we would be able to come over to his home on wednesday and help him do missionary work... he is going to have a friend over and he wants us to teach him!! so i guess it must have worked a little bit!

i am on bike again which i actually dont even mind but with this wind ( we got the same winds you had) and it being freezing at night makes it a little hard. it makes missionary work easier because we can talk to everyone on the streets!

this week should be pretty good.. we have already set up a bunch of lessons so we are going to be busy!

i love you guys and i will send off the card tomorrow morning!
i miss you and i hope you all are getting into the holiday season as we celebrate the birth of the Savior!

i love you very much!

Love Elder Emery