Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hey guys how are you all doing? i hope you all are getting excited for Christmas... i know i am! i cant wait to talk to you guys it seems like it has been a very long time.  Brash.. Happy Birthday! i hope you get your Letter soon... and you too dad i sent them at the same time... sorry it took so long to get them off.
This past week was super lame, because i was sick most of the week... it started on Tuesday and it just continually got worse. i am alright now i am feeling alot better. i still have a cough and stuff but its nothing too bad at this point.
We had our Mission Christmas Party on Wednesday... that was really fun! the only bad part was i left my camera in my backpack so i didnt have that with me that day.. that was kind of a bummer, but i am working on getting pictures from other peoples cameras. it has been really hard for me to get into picture mode on my mission. so i always forget to take my camera to things and then i end up getting mad at myself when i dont take it. i am working on being better at taking pics. My companion, two other elders and i sang a song with the Ukelele at the Party... that was pretty fun, but it was hard cause i was sick, but it went good though. i am working on getting that performance from another missionaries camera. it was really fun to celebrate that with our mission president. he is awesome i really have loved him being our mission president.
Alright so i am sorry i didnt have time to send this off yesterday... my companion had a doctors appointment we had to get to, and i had to email our president our numbers for the last week, so i didnt have time to send this, but i am just sending you a quick note because i know that you want to be informed on what will be going on on Christmas. we will probably... well we are going to be skyping at about 12:30 our time so i think that would be 1:30 your time... i hope that works for you i know you will have a busy day, but that is the time that works best for us. 
sorry again that this is short... i hope all is going well for everyone of you! take care and i will talk to you on Christmas!!
Merry Christmas!!
Love Elder Emery

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