Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 26, 2011

Hey family! it was so good to see you on Sunday! i know i never really say much when we talk but its cause its just fun to see you all and see how you all are doing!
this email will probably be short... well i know it will be short because i just talked to you guys.
Anyway i hope you guys are doing well. you all looked great!
i am going to get my drivers liscense paper work done so that i can send that home by the end of this week
and the face wash is called power cleanser.
Christmas day ended up being good! we went over to La Crescenta to see Mary and Brendon... that was fun to see them this past week they were excited and we just talked for a while and then we had a nerf war with Brendon so that was fun.  Then later on we went over to our Bishops house and we had dinner with them and that was fun too... sister Ballard cooked a good meal and then we played scattergories with their family so that was pretty fun!
Yesterday was our P-day so we went and played soccer with a member family... last week i told one of the daughters that i could beat her in soccer so we went and played at a park. then we played soccer later on with some other missionaries... then we went to Jamba Juice and that was delicious!! thank you very much for that Gift Card! then we went out to work and received a few referrals for a member. when we were driving to go play soccer i was thinking about our area and i started thinking about some people in a part of our area that we go and try and visit...( we have like 5 people in a little area that we work around) and i was thinking about a lady that is a member who is never home when we stop by, but i thought we should stop by her and turns out that she was home and she gave us a friend that we should go by who is interested in the church... so that was good that we went by her last night!
other than that we just have a busy week ahead of us and we are going to work hard to try and do the very best we can! transfers are this week and i dont know what will happen, but whatever happens i just know its for a reason and i will find that reason...
i love you guys and have a great day!!
Love Elder Emery

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