Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!  I hope you had the best DAy Ever!!
Hey family how are you all doing? sounds to me like things are going well! doing good things and living a good life is what it seems to me.
well today and for the next few days it is going to be rainy and cold here... how is the weather there? any snow yet? i would probably imagine it has snowed quite a bit. 
hmm so Christmas is around the corner... it is so weird that it is here again. seems like the time has kind of started to pick up these last couple months (well since October...) it actually seems like it wasnt too long ago that we were talking on mothers day. and that was 7 months ago... crazy huh? alot has happened since then... lots of great experiences and blessings have come in just a short time and i am so greatful that i have had the opportunity to have them.
hearing about the Christmas parties makes me miss them... Grandmas temple party is always awesome! lots of memories helping set up, helping with food, and serving the temple workers is always fun! and nanas party is always fun too... did you have the party at hires? i miss that stuff but its all good.
oh yeah i received a little thing from Lara and Derek... they look so good and i was so surprised to see how big jack was! i was like what tha whose that? he is super big? it was fun to hear from them.
so this week was kind of good, but every one seems to be busy around this time of year. i dont know why? ha just kidding. anyway so you know i was telling you about how we talked with the ward asking them for their help with missionary work? anyway so slowly the ward is coming to us and wanting to work with us and do some activities. two different families asked us to come caroling with them this next week... they will have a big group with them and so we will have two different opportunities to get to know some of the ward members. slowly but surely we are making progress. and we did have the bishop asked us to come over for Christmas! so we are making it happen here in the Glendora 5th ward!!
i think things are going to really turn around here... just have to get the ward members to be on the Lords errand you know what i mean.
well i have to be going but i love you guys very much and appreciate you all very much!
be safe and take care.
Love Elder Emery

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