Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hey everyone! thank you for the emails... i really appreciate them! it sounds like the first week of school went well for you all... im glad to hear that you are all alive and are happy to start a new week! every week is a new week and the past week i have learned that you cant take it back there is nothing you can change so we move on and start over all over just like its brand new. that is why i love taking the sacrament because it is like starting over every week! and so if you are like getting baptized every sunday making your self clean for the time being... it just makes sense that everything else just starts over too right? i think so then it helps me focus more on the things to come and the things that will be important this next week.
Cheer, tennis, Football, baseball, horses..... Any Golf?
This past week here was eh.... we had kind of a bummer part of our week... let me tell you. We have learned from sad experience... (many times this transfer) that parents here in California just kind of let their kids do what ever they want, but when it comes to Religion... they wont let them do anything... weird huh. it just kind of shatters my whole universe ha.
we started teaching this Girl she is 13 most of her family are members and she has been going to church since she was a little child... her mother gave her the ok to get baptized, so we had a first lesson with her set a baptismal date and like 10 minutes after we left the mother told her she could not be baptized...the mother isnt really a very big part of the kids lives... they are at the Grandparents most the time and that is where we had the lesson... but the mom went back on her word... the Girl was upset. i think that it will all work out though.
The Good New of the Week is that i got to go back to a baptism in Rolling Ridge... it was so good! it was the man that i was telling you guys about that came to church the very last Sunday i was there... do you remember? anyway it was so so so cool to go back and see that happen! i was so happy!! it was great... he was very happy also it is so neat to see the change in people after they come up out of the water! what a great experience!
The Other news is that Transfers were in deed this past week and i......................................... am staying with my companion another transfer. the only change is that i am the District Leader again... i guess that is ok, but i enjoyed just being a normal missionary. its not too big of a difference being DL pretty much teach District Meeting and gather numbers on Sunday. it should be good i am happy to stay here another transfer even though i wouldnt have minded moving this time for some reason.
Everything else is going well! we have people that are progressing and wanting to come to the waters of Baptism and so we are working towards that!
Daniella did not get confirmed yesterday because she was sick... but she will next week.
I love you all very much and i am so grateful for you all!
I love you more than you know!
Love Elder Emery

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey guys! it is always super good to get your emails every moday it is definitely what i look forward to most!
alright so update on my foot... it is feeling alot better but its still not back to where it should be ya know what i mean. slowly but surely, but i want it to be better NOW! anyway it is doing good i did play ball on it last week and i was unstoppable, people just dont wanna be messin wit Elda Emmers YOU KNOW!
This week was just wonderful... Yesterday we had a fantastic baptism which was a success! Elder Nielson had the opportunity to baptize this girl. i thought it was a pretty good experience and start for his mission to be able to perform the ordinance! it was exciting. we have been working hard to get these people to keep progressing and it is still a daily struggle to help them have a good experience investigating the church, but do love every second of it and i wouldnt trade these experiences for anything. this mission has truly been a blessing and i thank Heavenly Father every day for letting me serve here in this mission, and for the wonderful family i have who support me out here who are the most loving people ever. i am so appreciative of it and i thank you.
we still have alot of potential investigators... we are just waiting we actually set a lesson up with a girl for thursday... she told us yesterday that she wants to be baptized and her grandpa is the one who is going to be doing it... she just needs the lessons. i was like great lets do this! so that should be good. i really enjoy serving here... the baptismal goal for the ward is 15 for the year, and we have 11 so far, but we will probably be hitting the goal by October! pretty cool huh? we are doing good it is awesome here.
i am glad that you got the email from the Rozsa family. i Love President Rozsa every time he opens his mouth and talks i swear i learn something! he is a great man. Nick we started teaching in July and it has been so cool teaching him! he loves every part of it but he just has to get his parents on the same page, which has been a bit of a struggle for him, but he is going to be getting baptized in October. i hope that i am still here. he keeps asking me if i will still be here too, but he says if im not that they would bring me back to see it for sure... haha he is a great kid. oh yeah transfers are this next week... i hope i stay!
i dont think i told you about Linda and Cesar yet... we set a Wedding date for them for 9/10/11 and this date we will not be missing, because they told me to pick the date since i beat Cesar in a game of Basketball ahaha it was pretty funny i enjoyed it though so that is the date they will be getting married, and then she will be baptized the week after! it will be good!
so things are going well for me. i am just moving along... the only bummer thing that will be happening this next week is that Elder Rust will be going home. he has been such a great friend to me on the mission and i have really enjoyed serving around him. i also appreciate his example and willingness to help me out whenever. it will be sad to see him peace out, but when i get home it will be good! he said that he would stop by and see you guys sometime when he gets home. you should go to his homecoming september 11th at 1:00pm it will be a good one! he will give you guys a call sometime when he gets home. he will be a life long friend... he lives right by swan lakes.
well i love you guys i hope things continue to go well for everyone of you! your letters are in the mail so i hope you get them soon!
thank you all for everything and for the love and the support for me. i love you very much and think about you all and pray for you everyday!
Love Elder Emery

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 16, 2011

Dear Emery and Nielson families,
My name is Melissa Rozsa. We live in Hacienda Heights. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your sons serving in our ward. They are excellent and hard-working missionaries. They were in our home this morning teaching Nick Bojorquez, a young man who has committed to be baptized very soon. He just has to pass the hurdle of telling his parents of his decision. Our ward boundaries were reconfigured about 6 months ago. We are now about half our size in members but we also have 4 missionaries. It is wonderful. You would be proud of them. We had a baptism 2 weeks ago. There is another one scheduled for a week or two. And then there is Nick. They went straight from this lesson to teach another new investigator that they just met. Thank you for raising such good sons!
Melissa Rozsa

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Heya everyone how are ya??
well i guess i already kind of know the answer... sounds like things are going great! i am bummed that i am missing so much of the different activities that will be going on over the next sever months... sounds like you guys have your hands full of fun things to do.
Summer is coming to an end and i can just imagine you all scrambling to try and get some last summer activites in haha but im sure everything is going well for you all. i have started writing you all and i promise it will be in the mail this week. sorry it has taken me so long but it will be good so that you can get them right before school starts.
So things here are just moving along wonderfully... this week we found out that we have 5 solid potential investigators... all because a member loves sharing the gospel with everyone... it is so funny how she sneaks it in! its our mission nana she brings up religion with everyone because she sees the importance of helping understand that this is the only true church on the earth.
my companion and i were really bold in telling people that this is the only true church on the earth.... in Zone Conference President had us go over this and how we could help everyone else understand this... and this is why our message is so important... think of what you gain when you come to an understanding of the truthfulness of our message... Eternal life. the greatest of all gods gifts. so we had a good week of doing this... we found 2 new investigators that i hope will be willing to make and keep commitments with God... we will help them on their way!
This past week was good but it was tough for some reason... it just feels like there is more that i can be doing so i pray everyday that i can do what the Lord wants me to do and that i can be a good servant of him... but it still seems like there is more i can do. yes we have success and we are having baptisms but it seems like im missing something and i just cant quite figure it out. i read in PMG on how to be a successful missionary and i do those things but i still feel that there is more. i think one of the problems is that i just so badly want everyone to know what we know and i want everyone to see the happiness the gospel can bring them... ive seen some pretty bad things that come up in peoples lives especially around here ( we have part of el monte ghetto in our area) and i just want everyone to have this you know what i mean?
one of my favorite scriptures that i have come to love is Alma 26:12... go read this it is awesome!!
our baptism will be this sunday and we are super excited for her!! she has seemed alot happier since the first time we met her... and she is getting her momm involved!! its just moving along!

Well i have to be going and i love you all... i promise your letters are coming!
oh will you send my memory card to me so that i can send you my pictures from this card i have??
Thank you that would be awesome!1
Love you so so big..... HUGE!!!
Love Elder Emery

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hey Guys!!

sorry i am on a short time today... i will make this quick but still try and say everything that i need to say.

Alright so yes my cast is off and my foot is sore from being in it... i cant even do a calf raise on my right foot yet, but i am pretty sure that will come again with just making it stronger each day. the doctor was really impressed with th healing and was relieved to say that we would not have to have surgery. it is not fully healed... he still wants me to stay off it as much as possible but he said it is doing alot better. i dont know though... i went and hit the golf ball today and my foot is a little sore now, but i think it will be ok.

alright so my companion and i are doing well we ended up finding 2 new investigators this week who were really interested... we found them from knocking... we had a lesson right there and the accepted everything and we have a return appointment! we were pretty excited about that. my companion is doing good. he seems like he has been out for just as long as me... and he doesnt even seem homesick. i think it helps that we have alot of work to do. our investigator Daniella whom we found last week will hopefully be getting baptized on the 14th she seems happy about that.
Linda our investigator who has to get married will hopefully be getting baptized this month also. her boyfriend came up to me and was like alright now that you are out of your cast we have to play basketball... he said if you when Linda gets to pick the day we are baptized... but if he wins he gets to pick the day. haha i agreed because if i win and Linda picks the day she will probably do it sometime this month so we will see how that goes!

i have been loving serving here. i have learned alot lately it seems... i dont know why but it just seems that way to me. oh yeah i forgot... i had another older lady tell me that she wants to adopt me as her grandchild...hahaha i thought it was pretty funny!

our week was just that not too much. i am sorry this email is not very long i didnt see that i was rushed for time... i get carried away sometimes emailing President. so i will try to watch that from now on!

i love you guys and appreciate you so much and thank you for everything i love you very much and pray for you everyday.
Q Jens, and Brash i will be writing you all a letter this week so keep your eyes open for those alright?
oh and do you think you could send me my other memory card??
thank you

Love Elder Emery

Monday, August 1, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey guys!
well this week seemed really slow... but i feel like we got so much accomplished... we worked really hard though so i know i did my part.
training is tough i forget that he doesnt just know what to do. like when we go to meetings what we normally take or what our schedule is... ha i thought it was funny though just remembering rules that we do everyday without even realizing it ya know what i mean?
The Elder i am with is from Sandy Utah and his name is Elder Nielson... he is great we have alot in common and we get along really well i have already enjoyed serving with him and it has only been a week! on his first full day in the field he committed someone to be baptized... she accepted before he could even finish his sentece! i have a feeling that this transfer is going to be a good transfer! as a companionship we set a goal for 8 baptisms for the month of August... that is double what we had for the month of July. i am pretty sure we can get this goal... it is going to stretch us but i know it is going to happen! we have 3 that we know for sure are going to get baptized next month and we have 3 maybe 4 that are just starting to look into the church and have really enjoyed it so far and they are awesome and so i know that the hard work we put in will pay off... obedience brings blessings... exact obedience brings miracles... all of a sudden we have these people that want to join the church and its because we are doing our part and the Lord is taking care of the rest!
this week was great and next week is going to be even better i have enjoyed training and im just happy that i have a companion that is ready to work and is ready to work hard and also one that i get along with!
The new Missionary orientationt that we had on Wednesday with President was soooo good President Becerra is awesome my liking for him just keeps going up everytime i talk with him!
i received the package and it was so cool i loved it!! it was great! thank you so much thank you thank you!
i am doing great! i love you very much sorry this was short i will try and type a longer one next week but just know how very much i love and i hope everything goes well with everyone of you!
Love Elder Emery