Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hey everyone! thank you for the emails... i really appreciate them! it sounds like the first week of school went well for you all... im glad to hear that you are all alive and are happy to start a new week! every week is a new week and the past week i have learned that you cant take it back there is nothing you can change so we move on and start over all over just like its brand new. that is why i love taking the sacrament because it is like starting over every week! and so if you are like getting baptized every sunday making your self clean for the time being... it just makes sense that everything else just starts over too right? i think so then it helps me focus more on the things to come and the things that will be important this next week.
Cheer, tennis, Football, baseball, horses..... Any Golf?
This past week here was eh.... we had kind of a bummer part of our week... let me tell you. We have learned from sad experience... (many times this transfer) that parents here in California just kind of let their kids do what ever they want, but when it comes to Religion... they wont let them do anything... weird huh. it just kind of shatters my whole universe ha.
we started teaching this Girl she is 13 most of her family are members and she has been going to church since she was a little child... her mother gave her the ok to get baptized, so we had a first lesson with her set a baptismal date and like 10 minutes after we left the mother told her she could not be baptized...the mother isnt really a very big part of the kids lives... they are at the Grandparents most the time and that is where we had the lesson... but the mom went back on her word... the Girl was upset. i think that it will all work out though.
The Good New of the Week is that i got to go back to a baptism in Rolling Ridge... it was so good! it was the man that i was telling you guys about that came to church the very last Sunday i was there... do you remember? anyway it was so so so cool to go back and see that happen! i was so happy!! it was great... he was very happy also it is so neat to see the change in people after they come up out of the water! what a great experience!
The Other news is that Transfers were in deed this past week and i......................................... am staying with my companion another transfer. the only change is that i am the District Leader again... i guess that is ok, but i enjoyed just being a normal missionary. its not too big of a difference being DL pretty much teach District Meeting and gather numbers on Sunday. it should be good i am happy to stay here another transfer even though i wouldnt have minded moving this time for some reason.
Everything else is going well! we have people that are progressing and wanting to come to the waters of Baptism and so we are working towards that!
Daniella did not get confirmed yesterday because she was sick... but she will next week.
I love you all very much and i am so grateful for you all!
I love you more than you know!
Love Elder Emery

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