Monday, August 1, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey guys!
well this week seemed really slow... but i feel like we got so much accomplished... we worked really hard though so i know i did my part.
training is tough i forget that he doesnt just know what to do. like when we go to meetings what we normally take or what our schedule is... ha i thought it was funny though just remembering rules that we do everyday without even realizing it ya know what i mean?
The Elder i am with is from Sandy Utah and his name is Elder Nielson... he is great we have alot in common and we get along really well i have already enjoyed serving with him and it has only been a week! on his first full day in the field he committed someone to be baptized... she accepted before he could even finish his sentece! i have a feeling that this transfer is going to be a good transfer! as a companionship we set a goal for 8 baptisms for the month of August... that is double what we had for the month of July. i am pretty sure we can get this goal... it is going to stretch us but i know it is going to happen! we have 3 that we know for sure are going to get baptized next month and we have 3 maybe 4 that are just starting to look into the church and have really enjoyed it so far and they are awesome and so i know that the hard work we put in will pay off... obedience brings blessings... exact obedience brings miracles... all of a sudden we have these people that want to join the church and its because we are doing our part and the Lord is taking care of the rest!
this week was great and next week is going to be even better i have enjoyed training and im just happy that i have a companion that is ready to work and is ready to work hard and also one that i get along with!
The new Missionary orientationt that we had on Wednesday with President was soooo good President Becerra is awesome my liking for him just keeps going up everytime i talk with him!
i received the package and it was so cool i loved it!! it was great! thank you so much thank you thank you!
i am doing great! i love you very much sorry this was short i will try and type a longer one next week but just know how very much i love and i hope everything goes well with everyone of you!
Love Elder Emery

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