Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey guys! it is always super good to get your emails every moday it is definitely what i look forward to most!
alright so update on my foot... it is feeling alot better but its still not back to where it should be ya know what i mean. slowly but surely, but i want it to be better NOW! anyway it is doing good i did play ball on it last week and i was unstoppable, people just dont wanna be messin wit Elda Emmers YOU KNOW!
This week was just wonderful... Yesterday we had a fantastic baptism which was a success! Elder Nielson had the opportunity to baptize this girl. i thought it was a pretty good experience and start for his mission to be able to perform the ordinance! it was exciting. we have been working hard to get these people to keep progressing and it is still a daily struggle to help them have a good experience investigating the church, but do love every second of it and i wouldnt trade these experiences for anything. this mission has truly been a blessing and i thank Heavenly Father every day for letting me serve here in this mission, and for the wonderful family i have who support me out here who are the most loving people ever. i am so appreciative of it and i thank you.
we still have alot of potential investigators... we are just waiting we actually set a lesson up with a girl for thursday... she told us yesterday that she wants to be baptized and her grandpa is the one who is going to be doing it... she just needs the lessons. i was like great lets do this! so that should be good. i really enjoy serving here... the baptismal goal for the ward is 15 for the year, and we have 11 so far, but we will probably be hitting the goal by October! pretty cool huh? we are doing good it is awesome here.
i am glad that you got the email from the Rozsa family. i Love President Rozsa every time he opens his mouth and talks i swear i learn something! he is a great man. Nick we started teaching in July and it has been so cool teaching him! he loves every part of it but he just has to get his parents on the same page, which has been a bit of a struggle for him, but he is going to be getting baptized in October. i hope that i am still here. he keeps asking me if i will still be here too, but he says if im not that they would bring me back to see it for sure... haha he is a great kid. oh yeah transfers are this next week... i hope i stay!
i dont think i told you about Linda and Cesar yet... we set a Wedding date for them for 9/10/11 and this date we will not be missing, because they told me to pick the date since i beat Cesar in a game of Basketball ahaha it was pretty funny i enjoyed it though so that is the date they will be getting married, and then she will be baptized the week after! it will be good!
so things are going well for me. i am just moving along... the only bummer thing that will be happening this next week is that Elder Rust will be going home. he has been such a great friend to me on the mission and i have really enjoyed serving around him. i also appreciate his example and willingness to help me out whenever. it will be sad to see him peace out, but when i get home it will be good! he said that he would stop by and see you guys sometime when he gets home. you should go to his homecoming september 11th at 1:00pm it will be a good one! he will give you guys a call sometime when he gets home. he will be a life long friend... he lives right by swan lakes.
well i love you guys i hope things continue to go well for everyone of you! your letters are in the mail so i hope you get them soon!
thank you all for everything and for the love and the support for me. i love you very much and think about you all and pray for you everyday!
Love Elder Emery

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