Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hey Guys!!

sorry i am on a short time today... i will make this quick but still try and say everything that i need to say.

Alright so yes my cast is off and my foot is sore from being in it... i cant even do a calf raise on my right foot yet, but i am pretty sure that will come again with just making it stronger each day. the doctor was really impressed with th healing and was relieved to say that we would not have to have surgery. it is not fully healed... he still wants me to stay off it as much as possible but he said it is doing alot better. i dont know though... i went and hit the golf ball today and my foot is a little sore now, but i think it will be ok.

alright so my companion and i are doing well we ended up finding 2 new investigators this week who were really interested... we found them from knocking... we had a lesson right there and the accepted everything and we have a return appointment! we were pretty excited about that. my companion is doing good. he seems like he has been out for just as long as me... and he doesnt even seem homesick. i think it helps that we have alot of work to do. our investigator Daniella whom we found last week will hopefully be getting baptized on the 14th she seems happy about that.
Linda our investigator who has to get married will hopefully be getting baptized this month also. her boyfriend came up to me and was like alright now that you are out of your cast we have to play basketball... he said if you when Linda gets to pick the day we are baptized... but if he wins he gets to pick the day. haha i agreed because if i win and Linda picks the day she will probably do it sometime this month so we will see how that goes!

i have been loving serving here. i have learned alot lately it seems... i dont know why but it just seems that way to me. oh yeah i forgot... i had another older lady tell me that she wants to adopt me as her grandchild...hahaha i thought it was pretty funny!

our week was just that not too much. i am sorry this email is not very long i didnt see that i was rushed for time... i get carried away sometimes emailing President. so i will try to watch that from now on!

i love you guys and appreciate you so much and thank you for everything i love you very much and pray for you everyday.
Q Jens, and Brash i will be writing you all a letter this week so keep your eyes open for those alright?
oh and do you think you could send me my other memory card??
thank you

Love Elder Emery

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