Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Heya everyone how are ya??
well i guess i already kind of know the answer... sounds like things are going great! i am bummed that i am missing so much of the different activities that will be going on over the next sever months... sounds like you guys have your hands full of fun things to do.
Summer is coming to an end and i can just imagine you all scrambling to try and get some last summer activites in haha but im sure everything is going well for you all. i have started writing you all and i promise it will be in the mail this week. sorry it has taken me so long but it will be good so that you can get them right before school starts.
So things here are just moving along wonderfully... this week we found out that we have 5 solid potential investigators... all because a member loves sharing the gospel with everyone... it is so funny how she sneaks it in! its our mission nana she brings up religion with everyone because she sees the importance of helping understand that this is the only true church on the earth.
my companion and i were really bold in telling people that this is the only true church on the earth.... in Zone Conference President had us go over this and how we could help everyone else understand this... and this is why our message is so important... think of what you gain when you come to an understanding of the truthfulness of our message... Eternal life. the greatest of all gods gifts. so we had a good week of doing this... we found 2 new investigators that i hope will be willing to make and keep commitments with God... we will help them on their way!
This past week was good but it was tough for some reason... it just feels like there is more that i can be doing so i pray everyday that i can do what the Lord wants me to do and that i can be a good servant of him... but it still seems like there is more i can do. yes we have success and we are having baptisms but it seems like im missing something and i just cant quite figure it out. i read in PMG on how to be a successful missionary and i do those things but i still feel that there is more. i think one of the problems is that i just so badly want everyone to know what we know and i want everyone to see the happiness the gospel can bring them... ive seen some pretty bad things that come up in peoples lives especially around here ( we have part of el monte ghetto in our area) and i just want everyone to have this you know what i mean?
one of my favorite scriptures that i have come to love is Alma 26:12... go read this it is awesome!!
our baptism will be this sunday and we are super excited for her!! she has seemed alot happier since the first time we met her... and she is getting her momm involved!! its just moving along!

Well i have to be going and i love you all... i promise your letters are coming!
oh will you send my memory card to me so that i can send you my pictures from this card i have??
Thank you that would be awesome!1
Love you so so big..... HUGE!!!
Love Elder Emery

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