Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hello... Hello! Sounds like things are going great in the Emery home... thats always good to hear! Dad i am glad to hear that some sales are coming up and that you will hopefully get your quota by the beginning of December... that would be so awesome!!... ok so just so you know my thinking now... right after i just typed that would be so awesome... my next thought or question was going to be "so what did you do different?... what are you applying to the work that you werent before?" yeah i know that is weird for me to say hahah that is just how we have to be thinking now out here, or we dont get anything done.
Thanks for the tips on the salads mom i will definitely go out and take care of business with the salads. Haha i am not sure if we will be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with members or not... i am not sure if we can eat Christmas dinner with members either. Last sunday we got asked if we could come over for Christmas breaksfast and we had to tell the family we dont know the rules on that... as of right now its no, but we will get back to you. So to answer your question on that... i am not sure. we will find out this Zone Conference on Friday... i hope. Oh and before i forget... a couple weeks ago a lady came up to me and told me that she knew someone that was working at the bishops storehouse in Kaysville and said that she talked to you or something... i thought that was really cool! Small Small world and it seems to only be getting smaller. if you see Lara with in the next couple of days... tell her that the letter for her and her family was sent last week... and i have no clue how long it takes to get to V.A.
Alright so about my week... it was pretty slow. We did have a few tour accepts this week, but two of them fell through and the other one is on Sunday, so we are hoping that one goes through.
This area reminds me alot of my first area over in Temple City... nobody wants to talk to you and the streets have been tracted out over and over and over, so it makes things a little bit difficult. For this week there is not much to say because we just knocked doors and talk to all the crazy people... People we start to bash with us adn try to tell us how we are wrong and all this nonsense, but we always win... My companion says he loves defending the truth with me because i can answer all these peoples crap and tell them whats up... i am not going to lie ( were you making fun of that saying?? that is one of the greatest sayings ever haha) it gets annoying when people come at us like we are idiots... dont they understand that we study for 2 hours EVERYDAY?
For two days i had a new Elder with me... His name is Elder Alisa. he is from St. George... he had been out for 2 days... all the leadership positions in the mission were at leadership training. it is really weird being with an Elder that is still green as grass... hopefully i set a good example for him and i kind of got to show him the ropes and how to do a few things out here... it was fun he is a really cool Elder i think he will end up being really good... if he stays focused, because he has a girl waiting for him and i know that can take peoples focus off... My companion is the worst at that.
China town was messed up.
We had a really good lesson last night with a less active family... i had to prepare for it, because i have no clue what the heck my companion was doing... probably sleeping :(
I did an object lesson on Faith in Jesus Christ... this family wants to go to the temple... they just have a few hold ups. The whole point of the lesson was to show them how much faith they had and how that leads them to follow the Commandments. My companion said that the lesson was Awesome and that he didnt have anything that good to teach them! i was pretty excited!! i thought it could have gone better, but i know the family knows how important Faith is, and they know how much Faith they have in Christ.
That lesson was difinitely a testimony Builder for me and i wasnt even expecting that outcome... i was shown that others people Faith in Jesus Christ really helped me know that what i am doing out here is definitely for the good no matter what people are yelling to us while we are walking down the street. This is what life is all about... to see if we are willing to Trust in the lord and do all that he says and follow is plan... We will make it back to our Heavenly Father.
Something interesting that i was thinking about yesterday...when we are baptized we are buried in the water signifying the death of our old life, adn we are brought up out of the water signifying the start of a new... Christ was baptized... buried in the water death of old life... brought up start of a new... spirit came upon him. think about that.. that is like a spiritual resurrection.. because when Christ died he rose on the third day when you die your body adn sprit separate... your body is usually buried and your spirit goes to the spirit world... when you are resurrected your body and spirit reunite. i thought it was an interesting connection..
thats about it for this week... i love you guys and i pray for you everyday!!
oh and mom you asked for any requests... the honey mustard salad dressing sounds great and if you can... My two pairs of church pants that i left there... i thought those should be of good use out here in the field. if you can find them would you be willing to send those to me?
Love you and Miss you guys more than you know!!
Love Elder Emery

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