Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hey Guys hows it going??... sorry i got on a 10:30 today but i didnt have any emails from you guys so i decided i would wait for a little bit... then we went and played some ball with some Elders... that was pretty tight if ya ask me.
Alright so about Thanksgiving dinner... we are suppose to be eating with our recent convert Mary... the one that was just Baptized on the 7th. i am kind of mad about it... Mary has been out of a job for about ummm a long time now, and she just went to court to declare bankruptcy... she really doesnt have the mondey to do this for us... besides that she has an 8 year old son to provide for. Here in La Crescenta there are alot of wealthy members who could have a less active member over so that we could come over and eat with them... because President said that we can only eat with Less Active Members... the Less active members around here haent been to church in like 10 years so its hard to get them to have us over. I am just kind of frustrated about the whole thing... Christmas is suppose to be the same way... only Less Active or Part Member families can have us over. But any way... we should be having dinner on Thanksgiving, but i am not quite sure yet. it honestly doesnt even feel like the Holidays... kind of sad huh?
if you cant tell... i really dont like some of the members here in this ward... its just the way they are taht makes me mad... its like gouging there eyes out to try and get some one to take a tour with us or for help with lessons... its irritating.
This transfer has seemed really long so far... its only the third week. President either needs to get me out of here or transfer another elder in here, because i really cannot deal with theis any longer... but i have to for 4 more weeks :{ we have another transfer the week of Christmas... kind of a lame time to transfer, but thats when it happens... so if you could just pray for me so i dont pull my hair out... well theres not much to grab on to, but you understand.
We had Zone conference on Friday... that was pretty good we basically just went over the how to find people part in our Preach my Gospel books... it seems like nothing we try in this area is working though, and my companion has lost alot of faith in this area... it makes it really hard for me to keep mine up when my companion barely wants to go out and talk with people... ya know what i mean?? Everything was good though we learned alot about different things on how to start teaching lessons to people and how to try and work more with ward members... we will see how things go.
Everything else seems to be going ok... we are getting closer to Baptism with Mary's Son he expressed some more interest into Baptism, so we continue to teach him... i think that he will be baptized within teh next couple of weeks.
Sorry nothing to exciting has happened this week just alot of frustrations have been making things really hard, but i am working on trying to get those out of the way.
Anyway thanks for everything i am extremely thankful for you guys... i am thankful for dads job so that he can provide for the family and me to be out here. i am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i am thankful for the very many blessings that our heavenly Father blesses us with... I love you Guys so Much and i hope you enjoy the Holiday up in PC...GO COUGS!!!!
Love you and miss you very much
Love Elder Emery

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