Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Guys! wow is sounds like you guys are all doing so wonderful... that is so awesome to hear! it also sounds like it was fun for you all in St. George oh the memories of st. george haha.
i am kind of in a hurry today so i will try and give you as much information as i can about this week in just a little bit of time.
Alright so to start off the Rolling Ridge area is pretty good... let me tell you though... people have to much money i am pretty sure its coming out of their ears. alot of preople are stubborn Born Again Christians and it is really hard to relate to them because they go to automatic hate towards us. But they deserve the Gospel just as much as we do, so we continue to knock on their doors. it is pretty small but its different than any other area that i have been in... all the houses are in subdivisions... you rarely see houses on a main road... so its like people are stuck in their own little community and dont want anything to do with any one else... its weird thats one thing i dont like about it. The ward seems like they will be good... we will have to do alot of the same things taht we did in La Crescenta. This is kind of a bummer because i just got done with helping really build up one ward for 6 months and now i am kind of thrown back into helping out this ward. i think it will be a little bit easier here for some reason though. the Bishop is really missionary minded and that is awesome.
We live with a member she is 82 years old and hilarious... i laugh everytime i talk to here. she has had missionaries for like 40 years! the only bad thing about living with her is that we live 8 miles out of our area... it takes us 20 minutes to get to and from our area, and so we will be on bike once we pick up our bike rack on Wednesday... Speaking of wednesday... we are having a meeting with President Pike to discuss our visit that we will be having from L. Tom Perry in April!!! that is totally cool huh he will be coming here and we will be meeting with another surrounding mission... i am so excited for that it is going to be sweet!!!
Distict meeting was good this week... yes i still really enjoy doing it. The new District is bomb! we have the Zone Leaders in our district and that is pretty good they are really good. one of them was my district Leader while i was in South Hills so if will be fun to go on exchanges with him again.
Nothing else really happened this week we are hoping to pick up some good investigators this week... we only picked one up last week so we definitely need to improve!
Well i love you guys and pray for you everyday keep giving it your all and do your best at everything you do!
Oh! mom Elder Rust told me to tell you to call his father about Horse stuff... and maybe he can help you i know they have a bunch of horses...
Gaylen Rust:
Hopefully he can help you out and it is pretty close to our house in Kaysville
Love you have a great day/ week!!
Elder Emery

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