Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey guys! sounds like things are going well there i am so jealous that i missed baseball games and tennis matches and i will miss being able to see Q make the cheerleading team. I know that you will still be playing when i get back so i dont even worry... i did kind of get to see the pics a Brash, but it is always hard to see them on the computer... but i saw him and it brought back so many memories i wish i could be there to see that... i am not sure if i have told you this but i want to try and walk on somewhere for Baseball... i have been really thinking about the school in Virginia. but we will talk about that more in a few months... there is something that we should probably address though... my License expires february of next year and that is before i come home... i will have to renew it so i can continue driving towards the end of the mission. i dont know who we get in contact with to try and get that fixed.
Dangit i wanted Deamer to get called here so that i could train him haha i was really hoping that he would get called here but thats alright... there are already like 4 of us from kaysville. i have to write him today so if you see him this week tell him that i am writing him back this week.
Yeah i am really excited about L. Tom Perry coming to talk to us... we are going to actually be meeting down in L. A... its going to be cool... it is so soon after General Conference too which makes it even more Sick! we are going to the temple on the 20th also... We are going to the Redlands Temple though so that will be a new temple that i have never been to.
This week was pretty good i know that you said that you wanted to hear more from me this week but i have 7 minutes to try and get this all in to you so i am going to try and hurry... my presidents letter went a little bit long so that took a while.
We had 6 lessons this week so that was pretty good for this area... but we could have had 12... we had 6 fall through... it was lame but that is how this work goes... i met with president this week and just asked him questions and how i felt about the transfer... we got talking and he said some are called to areas to baptize... some are called to find and some are called to build up the ward... then he said what would christ say if he were to look at the area book in La Crescenta... then he said to me when you started in La Crescenta you were only having 2 Less active Lessons a week... you left there with teaching people and teaching 12+ Less active Lessons a week..,.i thnk you did your part there Elder Emery
It was really good to hear that from him i am sorry that this is short i have to hurry and send this off i will try and send you a quick note through the mail this week... keep it up you are all so wonderful and i love and miss you so much!!!
Love Elder Emery

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