Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 6, 2010

Hey Guys... My first 6 week are up and I have Been Transferred!!! it is so crazy i am really disappointed that i had to leave my ward because that ward reminded me alot of home. Ha and some of the members were a little sad too because i just barely moved into the ward, but i guess i must have done something right with my trainer because i am no longer with him... and i really was just starting to get along with him and we were just starting to get things going, but oh well.
Monday was kind of a crazy day last week we had a little Party for Elder Cronk ( he is the Elder who was in chinese speaking) He actually headed home yesterday... I liked him alot, but i will probably be able to see in when i get home because he is attending BYU. so we did that and i wrote alot of letters to people that made my hand tired.
Tuesday we had a couple lessons fall through and that is never fun so we just ended up contacting most the day... and sometimes i feel like that isnt very effective because we cant communicate with very many of the people ya know cause they speak Chinese :( so that is definitely hard not going to lie. We also stopped by alot of less actives and we came across one who was really wanting to get back involved with the church he just didnt know where to start kind of thing... adn he was saying his kids are getting to the age where they can do boy scouts... we decided to start there!
Wednesday this was a pretty good day we went to a grocery store parking lot and with the 2 elder speaking chinese and we split up with them... so i went with Elder Johnson and the other two went together. We invited 15 people to come on a tour and 1 said yes... that was pretty fun though just to be able to see how the chinese elders speak with the chinese people... but i pretty much invite everyone i talk to come on a tour with us so i am getting used to that ya know? we also went by a less active family and had a little lesson (well as much lesson as we could get out) with them.
Thursday this is the day we have district meeting and Elder Weenig is the District Leader so he just goes over thing that we learned about in Zone Conference 3 or 4 weeks ago... We have our next Zone Conference on July 13th so that will be good... we also did alot of door knocking today and as usuall we got yelled at to get off some peoples property ha i dont think that will ever get old... people are so rude and i dont know why? we were suppose to have a tour today but that fell through :(
Friday as usuall we had Weekly planning and i really dont remember what we did this day... except we were suppose to have two tours and those both fell through also :(. But me and my companion had kind of a cool/wierd experience in the church... we were walking down the hall and we passed a room i look over and i saw someone... i was like what the heck?? so i take a couple steps backward and no one was there... i told my companion and he said that was pretty wierd. then a few minutes later while i was using the John aka Restroom my companion said while he was sitting there playing the piano he saw someone s head pop into the window but he didnt get a good glance at it... then he said right before i came out of the bathroom he caught a glimse of something white pass by the glass window... i dont know what it was and the building was empty because we unlocked it and we went and checked to see if there were any cars around and there wasnt... Wierd Eh??
Saturday we had another tour but that also fell through... but we rescheduled that one...YESS! again we did alot of contacting and that fun stuff then later that night we waited for Transfer calls to come in... I moved to the South Hills Area its in the Glendora Stake and our apartment is in Covina... My New Companion is Elder Dunn he is a red head from Seattle seems like he will be a good missionary!
Sunday was just a typical sunday... for the Closing prayer a lady actually read Mathew 6:5-10 that was really wierd and i was like whaaaa??? then the counselor got up and said a Prayer haha yes we did go eat at a members so that was good... and we also didnt go to sleep until forever because people were doing fireworks all night!!! Crazy
anyway i have got to go do missionary work... i wrote you a letter yesterday i love you all and hope eeverything is well!! Quincie Jensen and Brash you guys will have to write me and tell me all about the cabin and the 4th love ya Elder Emery

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