Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 7, 2010

Hey Guys,
How are you all doing? from the letters and email it sounds like you are all pretty good. my week was alright it didnt feel like we did very much ua know? but we are working hard so i guess thats all that matters!
So the day i sent my last e-mail we were out contacting this one street and like our 5th door wee knocked on a lady answered and seemed pretty interested in what we were talking about. Then out of no where she starts asking us all these weird questions and started saying some weird stuff then something she said made me clue in that she was like a devil worshipper and i was like oh boy... it was sooo wierd she was literally crazy. i just dont understand how people can do stuff like that oh and the weirdest part about the whole thing is that she was saying that it wasnt satan that was telling her to do what she does... it was our heavenly father. uggghhh that was such a frustrating conversation and then after i just felt sick, 'cause i was like what the heck just happened, but it ended up ok because when we left i just said a prayer to help keep us safe. adn i hope that never haoppens again
another thing that happened this week that made me very frustrated with my companion was... last sunday we set up an appointment with a guy to take him on a tour on friday... but we were going to go over to him and visit with him on wednesday just to see how he was doing and make sure he still wanted to go on a tour friday. So tuesday night while we were planning i mention at the end that we needed to go visit this guy at 3:30 because thats what time we set up an appointment with him... his name is pete by the way. My companion says well we have already made plans to go contact tomorrow at the other part of town so if he really wants to go on a tour he will be there later that night... i was like dude if we set up an appointment with somebody three days ago with someone who is snterested in what we teach... we had better be there, and he says no it will be fine you will see, and the donly thing i could say was whatever ya know. oh and we have a appointment with a pasture on Wednesday.... that should be very very interesting especially because he invited us over.
Wednesday we go where we are suppose to meet him... rember we are suppose to meet him at 3:30... we go over there at like 8 pm and guess what... he wasnt there! i was like bro i told you he wouldnt be here... if we set up something with someone we cant just blow them off. well he then says to me that oh its ok he will be ready to go on friday. ( this companion of mine just doesnt understand) Friday rolls around and to make a long story short... Pete wasnt there and we havent been able to contact him since. SO SOO mad you dont even understand. another thing... since i have been out (mtc included) i have developed a thiing where i want to be on time for everything. this companion really doesnt care and it is really frustrating... he is a great trainer for the most part but i really am not getting along with him. i love the ward i am in.... the people are awesome and great but i really wouldnt mind a new companion. I am sure you want me to return home in one piece... but that might not happen if i am with this guy. we were no more than 10 ft from getting t-boned on my side the other day... he pulled out in front of a car that was going like 45 i just about freaked out...he is the craziest driver i have ever been with we almost get in a crash everyday and i am not joking when i say that either. sorry i had to tell you all this but i wanted to tell someone and I am trying to make it work but it is very hard!
I was getting kind of frustrated while reading your E-mail, because of the part about baseball... that just makes me mad. Why cant they see how that hurts Brash? do they just not care or do they think he is too young??? what is going on there? I cant wait till i coach Brash and we beat them in whatever sport is in season... and then they will think to themselves... shoot.. we should have picked up Brash along time ago. Just tell him not to worry and everything will be ok... he is good enough to play with them even if he doesnt make it. well thanks for the letters and email i love them so much and also love and miss you guys alot... not a day goes by where i dont think about you all.. i will try and send you guys a letter on the other stuff that has been going on because i have run out of time so i have to get off... Love you ALL very much
Love Elder Emery

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