Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 21, 2010

Anyway my week was pretty good... to answer your questions about family Emailing... i am not quite sure... i know that i can not answer them back on the Computer... i would have to answer them back by writing them. An for the package... i received it on saturday so that means that it got to the mission office on Friday. Thank you so much for that and i hope you didnt have to Pay for another pair of shoes cause that would have been lame. The treats you sent were still in good shape and they were very good. and thank you for the Cd's
Mom i know how you feel With the whole Lara, derek, and Jack moving away situation... it is really hard not to be able to go over to your best friends house just to talk or have that person just come over to give you company. Ya know i had to give up some of that stuff and i am not saying it is the same situation cause their family will be gone for 8 years... but it is very similar. I think about them moving all the time and it is very sad because everyone says when you get back everything and everyone will be here waiting for you... thats true for the most part... but Lara and Derek and Jack will not be around and it makes me sad also cause i look up to them alot and they do so much for everyone in the family and especially our family. We could ask them anything and they would be there helping us no matter what, and they have been such a big influence on my life its crazy... they always give me advice and are willing to help me with anything... just how your relationship is with lara. I know it is a sad time but everything will work out for the best i promise.
For me this week ... we really didnt have alot going for us. we are stilll in the finding mode and we actually have 4 potentials from the other day when we went contacting at a few apartment complexes so that was pretty exciting! Then saturday we had more service with Sister Luras... speaking of her did you receive the email from her?? hopefully you did. Church was the same we had a pretty good day... except when we went contacting we didnt have very much luck :( so it was not a very exciting week at all , oh and there was a 5.7 earthquake last monday... that would have been wayy sweet if i would have felt it. and i keep getting the "you look like a young Denzel Washington" haha and one lady told me she wants to introduce me to their grand daughter haha dont they know i am not supppose to be thinking about that kind of stuff.
Anyway i hope brash is still enjoying baseball and is still doing awesome! Brash you should make dad take you to the batting cages... but he probably wont go cause you will beat him at that too hahaha!!
Quincie and jensen it sounds like you guys had a very fun time at girls camp! you will have to write and telll me about your experiences i bet you have some pretty cool ones! hope your summer has been good so far and hopefully it doesnt end to fast cause school kind of stinks haha.
hopefully nana got her letter from me and hopefully that cheered her up a little ya know??sorry i have not written very much for some reason i am typing really slow and i dont know why... but thank you for everything and i miss you guys alot feels like i have been out for forever and it really has only been like a month and a half. if you guys have any specific questions please ask because i would love to answer them... its just hard to know what to write about when you dont have a very interesting week ya know?
anyway love you all and miss you like crazy!!
Love Elder Emery

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