Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Hey yall
Well from both of the Emails i received... sounds like alot has happened! haha i would have loved to see quincie and her friends run a 5k haha that would have been great. it is definitely crazy that 3 months have gone by and i am still alive... weird huh? This is the start of my sixth week with my companion... saturday is when we get the call on if we will be transferring or not! it seems like i just barely got with him ya know? Even if we do get transferred it has been fun working with him... he told me that i would probably go senior this next transfer haha i told him that might not happen haha that would be crazy if it did though. For some reason i thought davis was getting better obviously i was mistaken... hopefully things brighten up for him because what he is going through is probably really hard i would imagine (cause i cant really have any Empathy cause i have never been through it).
So Brash... you are going to be playing comp Baseball?? that is so cool man! I didnt even start comp until i was in like 5th or 6th grade. you must be really good at the pitcher position and you probably hit homeruns everytime you are up to bat huh? yeah because you are awesome!! keep practicing though because you can always get better no matter what.
Jensen and Quincie seems like things seem to be going pretty good... keep up the good work and dont hide your talents (read Matthew 25: 15- 30) because the lord is just waiting to bless us if we let our light shine forth in good. school starts up here in a few weeks... kind of sucks but work hard because i didnt and if i told you what i did do during school... you would end up only with barely above average grades so work harder than i did ok.
Alright so this week was kind of slow for some reason and their wasnt a whole lot that went on. We did have another tour on Wednesday and that was pretty exciting we didnt invite her to be baptized ... she wasnt ready for it but we have met with her 2 times since. i think in time we will get her to come unto the waters of baptism.
Sometimes i feel that we arent doing what we need to be doing because we havent had any baptisms... but i know that because we are working hard and doing all that we can to helping people to receive the restored gospel, because we can teach them all we know but once the ball is in their court it is their choice on whether it is important enough to them to take those next steps.
On Friday we had a lesson with Josh and i was doing an object lesson on repentance adn getting the Holy Ghost haha that could have gone alot better. it is the one with water soap and Pepper... i pretty much spilled everything everywhere i had josh laughing but thats ok because i got the point across on what he needed to do, so i just thought i would tell you about that funny experience.
My companion had another flat tire hahaha it is pretty funny... he gets really mad adn its just a bike ya know?? thats his 3rd one in 1 week!!
We are going to an investigators home today adn taking out all the bad stuff and burning it or throwing it away which ever one he feels will be most effective haha... that should be good.
I already have a couple goals i would like to do when i return
First i would like to run in the Ragnar or do the tour de france
Second i think it would be kind of fun to work as a E.F.Y instructor
Third learn to play the piano really good and also sing... for real
Fourth learn to play the acoustic guitar and write music and sing
Fifth ... for some reason i want to study einstien... i just enjoy some of his quotes and i think what he says is interesting.
My shoes have not came yet i dont know what is going on... its ok though Patience is a good thing to learn right?
Shampoo yeah just whenever you are not busy
Umm i dont think i need anything as of right now... i will let you know if i do. actually the sun has really been bugging my eyes lately and so i think i might go purchase some Sun Glasses... we will see though.

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