Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

Hello Hello... o man i totally forgot about my plaque eh?? Well i am just not quite sure what scripture to put on it... there are so many good ones that have meant so much to me in these last few months that it is hard to choose. I guess one that i recently came upon was 1john 4:19 " we love him, because he first loved us." that is so true and i love that scripture very much because of the Love christ has for us that he would take upon my sins... my sins it definitely makes me wonder how many drops of blood the savior bled for me.
Then the other scripture that i came across was Doctrine and Covenants 88:63 "draw near unto me and i will draw near unto you ; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." this is what happened to the saints in kirtland when they were looking for some peace or strength... and i really like this one also because of the promise it makes in it... that he WILL draw near unto us if we Will just take time to draw near unto him. I am going to give you the choice on which one should go on the plaque... then you just let me know which one you choose... is that ok? I hope so
Yes the package came on saturday and i was so thankful for it... thank you very much! you guys are the best!!
Alright so about our week... well in all honesty it was really kind of a slow week. we didnt have very many lessons because our investigators like to drop appointments for some reason... i dont know why anyone would drop an appointment... crazy. yes Valerie is still planned to be baptized on the 5th... The Corderos were the family that kind of got her started in the gospel. Brother Cordero just became a member not even a year ago... and him and his wife are getting sealed in the temple this month! that is pretty cool if you ask me... but anyway we are hoping that she chooses Brother Cordero to baptize her because that would be so awesome for the both of them ya know... a new member of the church baptizing his friend... sooo cool!
so yes that is probably the only thing worth talking about on our investigators.
We always talk to crazy people on the street... sometimes its like.. Dude... where the heck did you come from?! you dont even know what your talking about... sometimes that is what i would like to say to people. haha
i actually have got to go right now but i was not done saying what i wanted to say... so i will write you guys some of my feelings about some things.. ok?
Love you guys so much i miss talking to you guys alot... only E-mail is very hard i wont lie...
Anyway love Elder E

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