Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept 7, 2010

Hey Guys... well things seem to be going really good around here. As you know we had our Baptism on Sunday and that was way cool! the lady we baptized was so happy and excited to get Baptized it was cool to see her progression from the first time we met her. at the end of the Baptism she got up and bore her testiomony... she has a very strong testimony of the gospel... she was just saying how much she has already grown in just one month. Elder Dunn was the one she asked to Baptize her... he did good haha he actually had to re-baptize her because her leg popped up.... maybe next time i will get a chance to do the baptism.
speaking of next Baptism... we have Josh Perez scheduled to get Baptized September 19th. he said yes he wants to be baptized, and he aslo was excited that he even told his friend about it, and she called us and told us how excited she was for him and that she wants to help out with the baptism... pretty cool huh? he enjoyed church on Sunday and he is really starting to grow too.
Mike Cruz we have not yet set a Baptism date with him yet... we are planning on doing that tonight actually... he has expressed his want for Baptism and for his family to really want to get involved in the church so that they can go to the temple together... i dont know why we have not committed him for Baptism yet. We will probably set him for September 19th also. Mike is currently working on this project out in Mexico... it is like a medical facility and a bunch of different things also surrounding this medical place... he asked me what Dad does for work and i told him you work for Stryker... instantly he started telling me how good Styker is and how they are the best in everything... he was just going off it was cool. Then he said that he actually might know you because your name sounded really familiar to him... he told me to ask you if you know the orthopedic surgeon Brent Prattley he was the surgeon at BYU... i dont know if he is anymore... He is one of Mike Cruz's Friends and that would be cool if you did know who he is... he said it might have been you that he talked to on the phone a few years back about something... i cant remember what.
any way besides those things nothing too exciting has been going on here... just doing work. I will send my Cf card home this week so you guys can see how it has been here in California ok.
Sounds like you had a pretty fun Labor Day weekend eh? Jensen sounds like she played pretty well... losing always stinks... sorry... you will get them next time!
It is very wierd it is already September... 4 months have come and gone kind of fast yet also kind of slow... but its alright because i am doing good and everything seems to be going well ya know. I love you guys and i hope you are all doing well.
Love Elder Emery

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