Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 13, 2010

Hey Guys... well today started off pretty good...
Worked out
took personal study
took companion study
Then the Stake Patriarch took Elder Dunn and I Golfing... it was soo sweet! I didnt play as well as usuall... i had to play with Graphite shafts so that was a little hard. I shot a 48 haha not too bad for not touching a club since May 4th (basically). Anyway so that was really fun today, and thats why i am E-mailing just a little bit later today... i did win though :)
Dad you mentioned something really interesting... about Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 " the worth of souls is great in the sight of god." i actually studied that this morning... wierd huh? anyway you could put that scripture into a different kind of context... Think of it like this. " The worth of souls is the Atonement in the sight of God." cause if you go on to verse 11 it talks about how Jesus took upon the sins and pains of the world or for all man... or something like that. then in verse 13 it says something like oh how great the joy or how he rejoices when men come unto repentance. god is like saying Finally they are repenting for their sins... i guess the atonement wasnt in vain... not that God would every say that, but do you know what i am saying... its because the worth of souls is Great!
Alright so our week was ok... we had another elder with us from Wednesday to Friday, adn that was a little bit hard... especially teaching, but we got by ya know. We had a good amount of lessons this week so i am not to dissappointed, but there is always room for
I am pretty sure our Baptisms are still on... with Mike Cruz we are still on for sure... he was at church and he brought his daughter with him, and he seems really excited to learn more about the gospel. We have our last lesson with him tomorrow and then his interview is on Friday.
Josh Perez was not at church on sunday because he had wrestling... so we might have to move his back a week because you have to go to church atleast 3 times before you can get baptized... he has been twice but one of the times was a few months back so we are not sure on him yet... i sure hope he follows through because he really enjoys coming to lessons and he has been a little happier since the first time we met him... i wonder why?? probably the gospel.
Mom you are very lucky to be in it hot there? cause it is here and it kind of stinks riding bike in it. Yesterday the air was really dirty for some reason and it was really hard to breathe... i dont know what was going on.
That is really cool that you got to meet with missionaries... i bet they were really good at what they do... i am still trying to be better everyday because their is so much to learn in so little time. Yes definitely have the missionaries over sometime because building relationships with members is a big part of missionary work and their isnt any better way of doing that than to eat dinner with them!
You guys are the best and i love you alot... for some reason i have been having the thought alot of ... i just want to go home... and i really dont know why it was kind of hard to stay focused this week... and i dont even know why. Satan is probably just trying to do whatever he can to not have us get these next couple of people unto Christ... so i just have to stay strong because i am On the winning side in the long run!
Love you all as much love Jesus had to Create this earth, make a plan that revolved around him so that we can make it back to live with him and our Heavenly Parents
Elder Emery

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