Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20, 2010

Alright i guess you guys are not there...thats ok though you are probably busy.
Ok so this week was pretty good we talked with alot of people and invited them to take tours... we didnt have any tours this week, so that was kind of lame but its alright because i have good news...
well i have bad news and good news... which shall i tell first?? yeah i thought you might want to hear the bad news first, because then i can end on a good note.
Ok so this week we had an hour Zone Meeting on a few simple minor changes to the mission...
Well we can no longer eat with active members of the church :( it is kind of lame and i dont really know why it has to be put in affect... President Pike told us that its because when members feed us its them thinking that they have done their missionary work for the month... ok so i agree with this to an extent. some people have that mind set, but the greatest way to gain the members respect is to be with them... and it is hard to explain everything about this ya know... most members feed us and have a love for us so they dont want us to starve so i dont know really how i feel about this change but god does and thats what matters.
The good news is that our Baptism went through yesterday... it was sooo cool his name is Mike Cruz and he was way excited to get baptized... just to see the happiness that came after he was buried in the water and brought into his new life! he is the first to be Baptized in his family adn he cant wait to get the rest of his family involved... he has a family of 5 and he is excited for them to have the same happiness he has!
so that was a great way to end off the week... so everything is going good here! we have transfers next week... i so hope i dont move cause i love it here but its not my will ya know?? sounds like things are still moving along back in Ktown... Love ya guys and think about you alot!
Oh and i was the one who Mike chose to Baptize him!
Love Elder Emery
P.S i am attaching pictures of the Baptism to this so you can see it.

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