Friday, October 1, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hey Guys... well i have been Transferred again:( i really wanted to stay in South Hills for another couple transfers i really enjoyed that area and the people there... it was awesome to be able to serve in that ward. I am in the La Crescenta 1st ward now i think it should be pretty good... i am still a little frustrated that i had to leave south hills, but there is nothing i can do about it.
Anyway the past week has been pretty good... Elder Dunn and i actually set up a free kool-ade stand haha we only had one person stop by and he was 19 and he was just basically just telling us how we are wasting our life... haha i thought it was pretty ridiculous, but hey we tried to get people to talk to us.
Went on exchanges with the district leader... and that was really good he said he really enjoyed being with me and he thought i was doing really good... so that was pretty good to hear!
Oh adn you said you wanted to know just a little bit more about Mike Cruz... well i am not sure what i have already told you... but Yes he does have a wife her name is Esther and there oldest Daughter is Perla she is 21, next is mike 18 and the youngest is Christian. They are a really cool family and one of the reasons that i am dissappointed that i am not still in south hills is because i dont get to help teach the rest of the family :( which is a big bummer ya know. i have to look on the plus side though... if the family gets really involved in the church and decides to be Baptized with in the next couple months... a year from that time i can go to their sealing in the Temple while i am still here on my mission! so that would be pretty exciting.
I dont know if you remember me talking about Josh Perez he was supposed to be baptized on September 19th. Well he cancelled that because his Friend at Mount Sac died in a wrestling match and so Josh wanted his baptismal day to be a really spiritual one... but he said it wouldnt be if he was just thinking about his friend the whole time.... so that was kind of a sad story to hear.
Saturday during the day we took dinner to three young girls Jackie, Maria, and michelle tejeda there Mom works alot so they are home all the time without a parent and they really ddidnt have much to eat so we decided to help them out. They were really excited, and it was a good feeling after we did that for them ya know what i mean??
Anyway not too much has gone on this past week... i am still trying not to be too bummed about leaving South Hills but it is hard ya know?? i hope things go good in this new area.
Sounds like things are still going good there... you will have to send me pictures of the front yard i have yet to see it
I got a letter from Connor this past week he seemed to have been doing really well... he is training right now and so he was telling me about that ... it was really cool to hear from him. i have been waiting for my letter from him for a while... now i am just waiting to hear back from Davis.. i will be excited to hear whats been going on with him.
Well i am glad that this is your favorite day... it is also one of my favorite days to because i get to tell you about what i have done the past week... well except for this past one because it was really slow but usually i like telling about my week.
How are the sports and school going?? i would love to hear back from the kids!
Sorry this Email isnt very up beat but i dont know what else to say... except that i love you guys very much and i so so so miss you with all my heart!
Love Elder Emery

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