Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Guys... thank you so much for the E-mails they really made my day!
I just have to mention both of your emails to me today... you both Had great things to say about each other and i jsut have to say how thankful i am for your Love for eachother and the relationship you have... it helps us kids out alot when we see how close you two are... it makes us want to draw closer together as a family... it is wonderful, so thank you for your example. oh yeah i forgot to tell you this... last week Whitney wrote me... (she is a good writer) and said that she heard Lindsay will be getting married June 24th....LAAAaame its alright i am excited for her.
anyway yes i have played ball with Pattens little brother a few times... he is a pretty funny kid and he is a good player... he said i should try and play in college... its only cause i am better than jimmer fredett!! seriously though... you put me behind the 3 point line and i will go 8 for 10 i am money 3 pt range... i dont know what happened but i am a shooter now... and i throw down every once in a while too... my vertical has gone up a little bit. not right now cause i rolled my ankle last week playing but i am going to play today.
Sounds like Saturday was a good day, but very stressful. it was good to hear that story about how the missionaries came in and asked what they could do to help... i was just thinking the other day " i dont know what i can do to help the ward out more... everything i do just seems to be a waste." hearing how much you appreciated their help made me realize that no effort is wasted... that i do make a difference to someone when i ask them if they need help or if we can come share a message with their family... thanks for that i will just keep serving them with all my heart and try the best i can to bring a little peace and happiness to them. Mom i am glad that you stuck with your plan and didnt go with the salad idea... you knew what you were doing and you were being helped i mean if you really should have changed to salad then i think the spirit would have prompted you to change, but you were being helped by the spirit and i see it as almost like a test... satan was trying to get in the way and stayed strong to what feelings and impressions you had while preparing for this... and that is awesome.
Brash .... keep your hair how it is ok buddy!
my week went well we lost two investigators and picked up one... The one we picked up has been like a dry mormon for about 13 years now... his wife is an active member and her children go too... he has expressed to us that he wants to learn from us missionaries and be baptized so that he can baptize his son! i think i told you this last week but it is so cool! they had us over on Monday and we had a great lesson with him... they fed us a great meal and it was good... we really needed a good home cooked meal... its been a while... and we have a lesson with them again tonight and its the Plan of Salvation... my favorite lesson to teach!!
Being a District Leader is fun... i really have grown to like our District! they are great we all have a great love and respect for everyone in the District... the thing i still have to get used to is District Meeting! it is hard but it is good i really enjoy it!
well i have to get going i really do miss you guys... 9 months away from youall has been so so hard, but i do see the importance of it!
Thank you for the package it was great made my week !!!
i love you very much!!
i will write you kids this week thank you for those letters!
sorry it is not very long
Love Elder Emery

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