Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey guys! well it sounds like things are going alright there... that is good. well the holidays are winding down and things are probably getting back to normal eh?
i wish i could say the same, but this week was probably one of the craziest weeks of my mission so far!
Well to start off the week my watch broke :( and it was getting really annoying not have something on my arm and i didnt know the time. so i hope you dont care, but i took out 40 bucks to help pay for a new one... was that ok for me to do? i hope i know money is important and i shouldnt be wasting it.
Alright then for New Years we didnt do anything... we didnt even have dinner with families... Laaaamee. But something really interesting happened.
So saturday we are in our apartment and we get a call from President Pike he has to ET or emergency transfer out some missionaries out of a different area... he transfers Elder Campbell to that area... its Called Orangewood... crazy huh? Then president gets on the phone with me and tells me that i was going to be getting a new companion... his name is Elder Suitter. Then he was like " Elder Emery... you will be serving as Senior Companion" i was like holy crap... i wanted this to happen but i totally was not expecting it. i was freaking out i couldnt get any thoughts together and everything was going crazy, but things eventually worked out and my new companion adn i took care of business the rest of the day.
Oh wait but that is not all that happened... so yesterday morning at about 7 ( our church starts at 9 now so we have meetings at 7:30) anyway so about 7 i get a call from the Zone Leaders... they say " Elder Emery will you call in numbers tonight because you are the nwe District Leader." i think i pooed my brain right there. i was now overwhelmed and i didnt know what to do. everything worked out... and i found out that we have leadership training this week so that will help me nkow what i am suppose to teach.
Can you believe all that stuff??? i was so surprised... it was a good change though we are doing good but yeah i am a District Leader now... which means i will most likely stay in this area a few more transfers... i am ok with that because this Elder is a good worker.
We actually had a tour yesterday and it went really well!! she said that it would be so beautiful to be baptized... we are very excited for that!
The members are doing better... once i finally took a stand last month about going over and building relationships with them things started turning around!~
Thanks for your Email it was great to here from you guys... it was a really long and wild week but things will be good!!
have fun and find success in all that you do this week!
Oh and yes we do get to go to Brendons Baptism... Elder Campbell gets to come back and Baptize him!
Love you all!! Far more than skee loves the Utes hahah
Love Elder Emery

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