Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hello Everyone!
Well it sounds like things are going well back home... seems like you are all busy again wih everyones scheldules... how is school going for you kids? did it stink going back last week? i know i wouldnt be too excited about going back. the kids back here just went back to school today... they had a forever break it seemed like they were out for such a long time. i wish back home was like that... it would be so fun!
Alright so this week was pretty good... sorry i dont have too long to type because i have to start off with presidents letter now and that takes a little while because i have to talk about everything that happened this past week... and he likes detail so i try my best.
Anyway we had Leadership Training Wednesday, Thursday and Friday... it was so cool i learned so much! i dont know why we dont all get those trainings that they just gave us... it makes a difference in how we teach that is for sure. the thing is everyone does get the trainings but now it comes from the district leaders... i dont think i can teach it as well as it was presented to us... i t was so good, but i will try my best ya know. My first District Meeting as the District Leader will be this Thursday... i am excited but nervous at the same time. i feel inadequate to be in this position... it will be a challenge. i think it will be a good learning experience on how to teach and those kinds of things. yeah so those are my feelings towards this Position... Dad i am sure you were in leadership positions on your mission... how was it for you... what did you learn or do to help out other missionaries or just the people you serve around?
We are doing our best to help the ward out... it is going so well! we are really building some great trust with them! i have found out that one of the guys in our ward came up with Pirates of the Carribean and he does alot of stuff for those movies and ghe helped out alot with Tron... another guy does something with the show Glee... people around here seem to love working in the entertainment industry... i thought it was pretty cool! we are going to definitely try and get the ward to be more missionary minded... with a few different things. we can now use Mormon.org as a guide to help members and investigators... President told us we need to study it and get to know it in great detail! i think this will be great... when members start making profiles us missionaries can tell our investigators to go look up members in the area... so i think it will be a great helping hand!
Oh i have a question... when the missionaries come over to visit... what are they doing? i they just hanging out or are they taking care of business... building relationships is good, but there comes a point where us missionaries cant just be chilling ya know? so i was just curious.
Well my new companion is pretty solid... we do some good work together... the only bad part is he is from Idaho... so far my companions have been from: Colorado, Seattle, Wyoming, and Idaho? it is pretty weird, but it is good.
Our Baptism was super good! Brendon was excited and he was happy!... we actually just found out this past week that Mary... Brendons mom... has Breast Cancer. obviously she was kind of sad well really sad.. i would be too. we went over and gave her a blessing and she was at church yesterday... she seems to be handling it pretty well, but if you could just keep her in your prayers... that would be nice.
Well that is all for this week... thanks for the e-mail update on the Fam... i miss you guys alot and i pray for you guys everyday that you will have love from Hevenly Father in the home.
something interesting from this week... the parable about the talents. Christ has given us all talents... Testimony and Time. with our testimony we are suppose to share it with everyone... even if the person is a member... everyone could use a spiritual boost. We shouldnt be afraid to hand out a pass along card or share a scripture with someone... this is what we are here for D and C 60:2... to make it back to live with our Heavenly Father... we need to help other people Understand this also... that is why he has given us time... we will be judged on every minute of every hour of everyday... or something like that, but we should be doing what we cant to make it back to our Heavenly Father... i mean that is what we are here for right... to become like our Heavenly Father? so this time is preparation to be back in the presence of God... i thought that was pretty intersting... it definitely made me think about alot of things.
I love you all... you are the BEST thank you for everything!! i miss you so so much!!
Love Elder Emery

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