Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 24, 2011

Well... i am not sure where to start... there has been alot of information given to me some that i would not have guessed and also some that i heard about but i am relieved to hear things are alright.
Grades sound good... i am glad to see my brother and sisters doing well in school! that makes me happy to see them doing so good, but there is always room for improvement right? and Brash i am glad you are trying your best in school... handwriting is a little bit hard when you are 8... my handwriting didnt get good until i came out here so you have time to make that better ok, so i willl send you a prize dont worry!
i am not going to lie mom your sales pitch was pretty good... but maybe you should tell dad that you will make him his own chocolate cake also haha!
Their is and Elder out here is name is Elder Rust... he lives like over across the street from swan lakes... i have become pretty good friends with him and we plan on doing some things together when we return back (like getting in a bball league playing golf... those kinds of things) and he has horses... he has alot he says... he told me to tell you about them and maybe i can get you and his parents talking to each other so that yoiu can ride their horses.. how does that sound? Elder Rust returns home at the End of August so a few months before me. Dad you might have played against him in your Clearfield league... i was telling him about you and stuff... he was like i think i know who you are talking about... " does he shoot lights out?" i was like yep thats my Dad!!
Haha we played baseball with some of the kids in the ward... they love us! it was pretty fun... they want to go Golfing and see if i am good at that also haha they are trying to find something that i am not decent at... as long as they dont say curling then i should be pretty good... but who am i kidding curling really isnt a sport.
We taught the seminary once and that was pretty fun... i can only imagine what my seminary teachers were thinking about me... we probably will teach it again in February... which will be really fun!
We also played basketball with some of the high school kids in our ward and that was fun... some of them play on the High School team so they were pretty good.
This week we found 4 new investigators... and we took them all on tours. two of them have Baptismal dates for February 13th... we are very excited about that. We are picking up another investigator tonight. he is not a member but his wife is and he wants to baptize his son... how cool is that? he goes to church almost every week and has been for the past 13 years!! it is so crazy!!
To answer your question about Casey going on a mission... i received a letter from his parents this past week and they didnt say anything about that, but they did say that Dylan has decided to go on a mission... i think that is great!! he doesnt turn 19 until next January... i might be home by the time he leaves...
We go around telling people the importance of Temple marriage and how happy you can be to live with your family forever. to see people faces light up after we tell them that they can have the opportunity to be sealed as a family to live with them and our Heavenly Father Forever it makes all the difference in what Choices i will be making when i come to the decision of marriage. i dont know what to say. i guess one thing that comes to mind is... if Our Heavenly Father wants them to be together and if they have the Desire to work things out and forgive for whatever the situation might be then everything will work out... Everything happens for a reason... we arent always sure why, but thats why we need to figure out what we need to learn from it.
Well i love you guys and i have Grown to love this work... i feel i have made the right choice to come out and serve the Lord even though everyday is hard and there are some days when i feel like going home, but then something happens that makes me understand why i am out here. I love the Savior and everything that he does for me... i know that coming out here is one of the best ways i can show to him that i love him for what he has done.
I love you guys so much and i miss you more than you know
Love Elder Emery
p.s hey would you be able to add Mary as my Friend on FB?? but only her! thanks you are the best! have a great week!

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