Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey guys!! Wow it sounds like things are going well! thats always good to hear!
This week was pretty good... well i guess it was alright. We had a couple tour accepts and they were sett up for this week but they fell through... people still dont keep their commitments :( it is frustrating. alot of people went out of town this week for chocolate mlk day... (thats what skee calls it) so knocking doors were pretty rough. we had interviews with President and Sister Pike.... that was really good!
I started talking to President about the District Leader position and those kinds of things adn then i asked hime why he chose me... he said because we have kind of a disobedient district and he said that i am an obedient missionary and i can help them do what they need to do to be successfull and you have been open with me and i have alot of trust in you... i thought that was pretty good ya know i was thinking that i am doing my job... then i started thinking about the trust part... and about home and you guys and my thought was... i wish i could have built my trust better with you two i didnt understand how much i cared about someone saying that they have great trust in me until now... i was excited when President said it and i think how much more excited and proud i would have been if i would have been able to have you say that to me... i regret being dishonest with you... i feel bad and my repentance isnt really valid i guess until i make restitution... i am sorry for those things i did to hurt your trust in me... i also apologize just for not being very truthful. hopefullly when i get back home i can always keep your trust in me... that is what i want and i will do what it takes to make that happen.
we have run into a few really rude people lately... yesterday a guy was standing outside his church building... i think he was a priest and we were just walking by because we are not aloud to proselyte in front of or around any other churches... so we were just walking by and the guys comes running up to us and starts swearing at us and telling us all this crap... it was actually pretty funny but he told us to leave his state of California and all this other stuff... well obviously i just kind of gave him some smart alec remarks... ya know like i dont have to leave i was born here haha... people just dont understand.
nothing else really has gone on... my companion is really good worker... he is kind of hard headed so it is a little hard to get through to him sometimes ya know? but usually it is pretty good... he is a little over the top almost robotic and i dontlike that at all, but for the most part we are doing well.
Sorry this isnt very long... i am in a hurry. some of the kids in our ward want us to go play baseball with them... so we are going to go.
Love you all i wish you guys could be here right now because it has been in the 80's the last couple of days... it is so awesome!!
Keep reading and praying... its the best way to take care of business!
Love you and miss you very much
Love Elder Emery
oh! i remembered something else! we had Stake Conference yesterday and was really good. Elder Ringwood came and talked with us... he is a great speaker. he could ahve gone on for another hour and a half and i would have been totally fine listening to him. I met him on Saturday when my companion and i were at the church... he was getting a drink and we walked in and we started to talk to him... it was pretty cool. He is a very very nice guy i really enjoyed what he said!
And we taught seminary on Friday... it was pretty good. the kids are crazy but they are starting to get involved with us!
Well thats it for this week i have to go get my Derek Jeter on and do work!
Love Elder Emery

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