Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 7, 2011

 Hey guys... you are very lucky to be hanging out in Bear Lake... its alright because it is in the Mid 70's here today!

Yeah i did roll my Ankle a couple weeks ago... it was pretty bad and then i just did it again today and i am going in to see the doctor on Wednesday... this roll was alot worse... Maybe i should take it easy with Basketball eh? its hard though i enjoy playing it too much... Sister Pike will probably end up taking sports away if it is hurt pretty bad, and that will not be fun, so i am hoping its not bad, but its feeling the opposite.

Anyway... i was thinking about the Baptism all day Saturday and i was just wondering how it went. It sounds like things couldnt have been any better! i am so happy for him and i am sure he is probably still pretty excited about it.  Did he get my letter to him? i hope he did because it was suppose to be before his Baptism, but if not it still works. I am still very Proud of you Brash!!

This week was Pretty good.. not too much happened and it was kind of slow but it was still good. We still continue to teach The Guy who has been coming to church for  about 13 years... he is doing good i think he is getting much closer to receiving his answer and gaining a testimony. our whole lesson last week with him was about how he soppose to receive an answer. He thinks it is going to be this great big thing that is going to happen, but we had to explain to him thats not always how it works... my thinking is that he has felt of the spirit so much when he attends church that he doesnt really recognize the spirit anymore because he has just kind of shrugged it off for so long, so we just have to help him recognize what he is feeling... and it has been a challenge. We are hoping that he will have received something by our next lesson, which i believe is tomorrow.

we have been trying to meet with alot of Less Active members, but they are all stubborn around here. its dumb. We actually talked to one lady who wants her records removed from the church... i had to explain to her the seriousness of that, but she didnt care. People dont understand The Gospel... they dont understand why we are here on earth. A bunch of people say they just cant get over the fact that their is a book of momon... to me it is so logical, but besides that all you have to do is pray about it to get an answer... yeah it will be hard but if we knock Heavenly Father will answer. it is just Frustrating ya know?

Lately alot of members have been trying to find ways to feed us... it is really funny and some of them are actually getting non members its great! The ward is doing better... everyone can improve, but they have improved alot since i first got here... we actually ate with the general authority that we live with... that was fun they are nice people!

District Meeting has been going really well ... i have been enjoying teaching it. One of the Sisters said that this last District Meeting was one of the Best District Meetings she has been to in a while... that was a good thing to hear!! it made me feel Good to know that!

Sorry this isnt very long we have to go to a lesson right now... I love you all and i hope that everything is going well for you!
oh you asked what i would like for my Birthday... how about a big huge bag of Peanut butter Cookies?? i would love that so much!!

Thanks i love you all very very much and i missed you alot this week!!
Love you!

Love Elder Emery

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