Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14, 2011

Well to start off i went to the doctor on Wednesday and he told me that i have Ligamentus irritation, and Tendonitis... and i damaged (not too badly) the bone on the top of my foot... on the side of my foot i guess the bone is kind of separated from from each other... The doctor told me if i injure it again i have to get an arthroscope... or in other words surgery. i had to call and talk to President Pike about it and he was telling me that i might have to go home and let my foot heal... we are still waiting for missionary medical to get back to us on what we should do... i will hear from him tonight. i honestly dont think i will come home because it really isnt very bad... yeah there is pain, but i am still moving along. i think everything will be ok. so if you dont get a call from me tomorrow... then that means i dont have to come home.... sounds Crazy huh?? dont worry though i am alright.
This past week we had Zone Conference... and that was really good we had learned alot of new things that we can do for the work... it was awesome!
This week was interesting... we went by alot of Less actives this past week... they are all just old and stubborn! ha but it is ok because they all love us still
We are hoping to pick up a few new investigators this week that we contacted this past week... it seems like all we do lately is just try and find people to teach, and it is really hard, but we are doing good we are starting to work more closely to ward members and those kinds of things and so it is really good. we are going around sharing about the atonement with members and then talking to them about mormon.org... it has been going really well! i dont know if the missionaries have talked with you guys about that, but all members 18 and older have been encouraged to make profiles on there so that non members can go on and see peoples testimonies... who knows maybe you guys could make a difference in someones life by sharing your testimony... i know that when i get back i will definitely be getting a Mormon.org Profile! so you guys should set up yours!
how are things with Jeremy and Kathy? are things getting better or worse... or just about the same? i hope and pray that things are getting better for them.. i know with all my heart that People dont get married to get divorced... that is exactly what satan wants to put into our minds... But Heavenly Father Promises us that Love and happiness can last forever if we are both working towards the same goal... our goal should be what is to come... Living with our Heavenly Father with our families... we have to take a step back and remember what we do in the temples... i have never learned so many important things than i did in the temple, it is the best place... from being in the temple from doing those things i know the importance of so many things... and if i understand the importance of the temple and the ordinances that take place... Why cant other people undertand them? i know that its not as easy as that, but if we remember the promises we make with our Heavenly Father than thats what should lead us through our life right?
i dont know maybe i just see it a little differently... maybe i am wrong but i know that we arent here to just be here... we are here with purpose this is a test... and sometimes the test is hard but we cant rely on the world to get our answer... only by and through the Savior can we get through the tough times.
i love you guys and i have to go but i wish you a happy Valentines day and i hope its a good one for you all!!
Love and think of you guys everyday
Love Elder Emery

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