Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 23, 2011

Hey Guys! hows it going? It seems like this past week was a very long week for me. I am glad to be Emailing you though.
This week was really good... i had a great Birthday!! those shoes are so sick... i love them! i wore them on tuesday night during our Planning for the next day... it was awesome!  Members took us golfing Last monday on a short Par 3 course. i still got the game haha... we went with The Ostler Family ... they are the boys that we have been doing stuff with the Past few weeks... it was really fun!
Today for P-day we went up to the snow... can you believe that?? snow in California haha thats crazy huh?... this past week has been Crappy and rainy... and yesterday we woke up to Snow on the mountains, so we went up and found it today... it was really cool!! one of the Elders is from the Philipines and he had never seen snow before.. he has now!! it was really fun!
This week was an ok week... i thought it could have gone alot better than it did. The best part about the whole week was the Baptism on Saturday! her name is Phoebe Barnes. We have been teaching her since right before Christmas... she is almost 9. Her father isnt a member, but he goes to church every once in a while. The first missionaries that tried to teach her... Brother asn Sister Barnes told them not to come back. They didnt like the way that they were trying to teach her. Then we came in and we taught her everything and she has a testimony of everything that was tuaght... it was really cool when she told us she prayed about what we had been teaching her and also the Book Of Mormon, and the Feelings she got after she prayed! it is so cool to see little children exercising their faith in the Lord and finding out if this is the right path they should take... it was a very cool experience... i am very thankful that i could be a part of that ... i truly am.
The other part member Family that we were teaching...his name is Jay ghiya. We were told by the ward that he is so ready to accept the Gospel and that this is the farthest he has come in a log time... We were prompted this past lesson to share with him the Baptismal Questions... He couldnt get past the first question...  He doesnt know that he has a loving Heavenly Father. well it is really hard to help someone gain an answer about this if they dont feel they have a Heavenly Father. We are still working with him on that, but i hope that he can continue to pray about it and try and build a relationship with God... thats how he will know that these things are true.
so it was kind of a rough week... and besides that people went out of town, so it was hard knocking in the rain because no one was home and it was cold so they wouldnt open the doors.... on one street some onery people called the police on us because tehy said we were disturbing the peace... yep i was disturbing them by bringing them the Greatest Blessing of their life?? Lame.
Well besides that our week was really slow and we have a lesson to get to right now, because we take care of business!!
Oh and about the Cf card... their was only three pictures from you guys... so i dont know what happened to the other ones... maybe it jsut didnt work on my Camera.
Tell Skee's Family that my letter to them in coming i started it last week then got busy, but it is on the way.
Well i love you guys and i hope you are all safe and that you will have a good week...
HAPPY early BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! i hope you have a good one... i will send you a letter this week, so be watching for it!!
I love you guys and hope everything goes well... it sounds like i might come home to you having a horse hahaha how did you talk dad into that??
I love you and miss you very much!!!
Love Elder Emery

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