Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

Hello family! how are you all doing? i hope you are doing just fantastic, because i know i am!  things are just going great here in California... well except for the weather... its been rainy the past couple of days. i swear the weather just needs to make up its mind here. is it going to be hot or cold? i thought it was sunny california?? that means it should stay hot!
anyway this past week was great! we got alot of things done. we also had another transfer end and well...
i only have 2 transfers left... 12 weeks. it is crazy as time goes on and i get closer and closer to that end date i just think of the things that i could have done better, and i try not to, but its hard. for some reason its alot easier to think of things that i could have done better than the things that i have done that have been great. These next 2 transfers are going to go fast because i am going to do all of the things better, so then i cant say i wish i would have done that better... it would be i did the best i could. its going to be great because i have been transferred back to the Chino zone. i am going to be serving in the Heritage ward. this part isnt Chino Hills... its a little more run down... or you could say ghetto! i am excited finally i get to serve in an area like this!! we cover a good chunk of Pomona. i guess president Becerra said we cant go down certain streets after 7... its going to be awesome!! i figure if i take a bullet to the arm or something... their is probably worse hahah!
its going to be super good though i am serving with Elder Edney... he has been out a little over a year and he is a very hard worker. Elder Tovey was staying in Glendora 5th and is training... i think that will be good for him, and i know he will do a good job.
I am the District Leader again... i keep going in an out of the District Leader Position. maybe this time i will get it right ;) i will have gone 9 transfers as a district leader at the end of my mission... thats a full year as District Leader. its kind of weird but i guess it is what it is right? i was told that i was the DL to kind of Rally the District and get them excited and help with some of their investigators... it has kind of been a younger District for a while and so i guess i am just suppose to help them out a little bit... i will do whatever the Lord wants me to do and this is one of those things. it will be good i couldnt have picked a better way to end my mission... Chino AHH YEEEAH!!
alot of people dont like it here but i love it... so what if its a little challenging... you think Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah didnt have a challenge? i think its the best way i will grow by being here in Chino!
i got the package this past week! it was awesome thank you very much for that...
oh did you get my letter that i sent? it was with my license information? let me know what the next step is.
i love you guys and hope you are all safe and Happy!
Love Elder Emery

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