Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hey everyone!! how are you doing? well i guess that is always kind of a lame question, because i usually read your email before i type mine and it always says how you are all doing... so it sounds like you are all fine and doing good right?... i only have 18 more minutes before the computer kicks me off... i emailed president a longer email today.
anyway... so my exact release date is May 8th 2012, and the flights usually leave here between 10 and 11, so i will probably be arriving aroud 1 ish... thats kind of an educated guess but not really. oh... did you get my letter home that had my license information in it? whats the status on that?
This week was awesome!! i love it here! i dont know why i love it so much but it is great. the ward is super cool and im loving it already i know this is going to be a great way to end the mission... the best way!
i have already seen crazy things and have talked to people about some pretty serious stuff and it has changed my outlook on a couple different things. some of it is kind of overwhelming to think about. we have some people we are teaching in a pretty bad neighborhood. one where their is a shooting about once or twice a month. people are pretty nice to us, but i dont know how safe it is to walk there during the night. but ya know sometimes we have to do what we have to do... everyone needs the Gospel right? yeah alot of people around here are in need of this firm foundation in their life, but they just dont know where to find it.
we have alot of investigators and we found 2 more this past week! we are working with them and doing alot of good work!
we live with other Elders... they cover a spanish ward. they are really messy and i came into the apartment and have been cleaning up their crap. we have a cockroach problem and it seriously grosses me out, but im the only one who cleans. i dont like it one bit! so i will be continuing to clean up their nasty mess... and i WILL make them help!
anyway i am doing great and i am so happy! thank you so much for the gift cards... you guys are awesome!!
I wish you a very happy Birthday also Mother!! i hope its a good one for you. i am writing you a letter and i hope it gets to you on time!
Thanks again for everything i love you guys so much.... SO MUCH!
Love Elder Emery

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