Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 28, 2012

Hello family... you are probably wondering why i did not E-mail yesterday. well the best answer that i have for you (because its  not an excuse) is that yesterday Morning i had to go have an interview with President Becerra. Sunday i was thinking about the Temple and those kinds of things and i was like " oh shoot" i took out my recommend and it said it expires March 2012 so i went in to get a recommend... i thought about it a couple months ago but i was like i have enough time... i can wait a little bit. then it seemed the time caught up to me and i needed to get it renewed. so thats why i did not email yesterday, cause then a member took us out to lunch and we were busy after that... sorry, but dont worry because now you will have an email to read from me... YAY!
Ok so our week was totally sweet! well to start off we had Leadership training Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-3... that seems like a long time, but really it goes by so quickly.. and we learned so many things. it is so awesome to be able to go to those meetings! The main focus of both days was Faith... and by first creating it spiritually and then physically creating it. God saw it first in his head.. and then he created it physically. very interesting things to think about. so when we are out visiting people or knocking doors we will create it in our minds that we are going to sit down with these people and teach them, and if thats our motive and if we have the Faith that our Heavenly Father will Help us.. then he will and he will give us the very thing we need to say so that the people will let us in.... anyway it has been very interesting doing this. it has helped alot.
We also talked about " getting out of the Boat" we read the story of when Peter got out of the boat and walked on water towards Christ... it is very neat to apply to our lives and the ones of people we teach. i have learned alot from it.
The people we are teaching has gone up alot since this past week. we found 6 new investigators this past week and we found 2 new investigators the week before! it is so great... we have 16 investigators now and it is tough to keep up on all of them. we have to work on getting our progressing investigators up... we have 4 right now and one of them has a baptismal date. we will have a push this week to help these people understand why we want them to be Baptized... we are hoping to set a few more baptismal dates. it is frustrating when you testify to someone the importance of Baptism and when you show them how much it means to you and what it can do for them and then they just say to you well im  not ready yet... i cant give up my bad habits. they are pretty much saying im not ready to be blessed by our Heavenly Father. Why would you prolong that? sometimes i just wonder ya know?
We received a referral this past week and he seems super solid. He is 19 and he has been through alot and he has also been to many churchs. He never really had family growing up... alot of stuff happened.  he was just telling us how he just wants to feel that someone loves him and is there for him. he came to church and he was saying that it all sounded good, but he is just having a hard time believing it. i asked him why and said because something that you didnt grow up with and you dont know to much about is hard to just jump into and start believing. i agreed and we talked about that a little bit and we told him that we will help him on his way. i told him right before he left " we arent going to convince you that this is true and personally i dont want to convince you its true... we want you to find out for yourself." he really liked that because he has been to alof of churchs that were trying to force him to believe in what they were preaching. 
so this past week has been good and  we are hoping for big things this week!! 
Mom i am sorry that i have not yet sent your letter... i will probably tomorrow because i left it at the apartment and we might not be going home until the end of the day because of miles and we have a busy day today, so i apologize, but it is coming!
I love you guys and hope you have the best week ever... everyone of you!!
Have a good Day i love you
Love Elder Emery 

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