Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 17, 2012

Hello Hello Family!
Well i was happy to get your emails today... thank you for those. some very surprising news about things going on with the family... i hope everything is ok with that...
sorry that this letter is not going to be very long... i just typed a super long letter to president but when i sent it... it didnt go through and it erased everything i typed........ so lame!!
This week was kind of quick for me. it seems like everyone is always too busy to do anything with us, so we jsut keep moving along the best we canand try new people to visit and try to always find new people to teach! i need to break out of my shell... i have broke out alot and im not as shy as i used to be but i feel that i need to really go out of my way with this ward to get them interested in working with us, so that is what im trying to do and for some reason it is really hard for me but hopefully i can break through a little bit more this week.
we had another lesson with Jackie and that was an interesting one... she just is taking her time with things...
We had a lesson with a family and they are just taking there time with things...
we had a lesson with another family and they are also taking their sweet time...
They all are just waiting for something amazing to happen for some reason... its so hard to teach people when they just want to take things slow. and from being on my mission and seeing different things i am a firm believer in taking it slow and making sure they have a burning testimony. i know that some of the people that i have taught have not had that burning desire, and it hurts to think that i might not have done everything i could have to help them be fully converted and i think that will be one of my biggest regrets, because i dont know what i can do to help them now... some of the people that i have baptized are less active... not many of them but 3 or 4 are and it makes me sad.
as i look at my missionary effort i notice things that i could have done better... as i look at other missionaries i notice that their recent converts are going to the temple and being sealed as families and i think what about these people i taught? what could i have done to help them to have seen the eternal perspective on things? i know that alot of the people that i have taught have been younger but the few that are old enough to go to the temple still have not... and it is always in my head.. so its just hard you know what i mean?  i actually wasnt expecting to start talking about this so im sorry you had to read my sob story but i just wanted to say it because it has been on my mind constantly.
everything else is going well! i love you guys and hope all is well with you ... take care and be safe i will pray for you everyday and have prayed for you everyday since my mission started... i love you very much!
Love Elder Emery

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