Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hello everyone!
What a great day it is today! we had an alright week our numbers dont really say much but i dont think about the numbers... and i have been around alot of numbers missionaries lately and it really is kind of lame! but its whatev i guess the thing that bugs me the most is that we have a member of our ward who is the kindest man everand he loves doing things for the missionaries and he doesnt say no to us... well missionaries from a totally different ward use him because he wont be rude and tell them no. anyway i think it is ridiculous because you use members for fellowship in the ward... not so you can count it as a member present lesson i don know maybe i am wrong... and we have 2 sets of missionaries in our ward our ward is kind of slpit we cover the east side where all the active members are and the other Elders cover the West where only like 3 families are active one of them is the guy that goes out with the missionaries so we dont even use him because we want the other Elders to use him for their lessons but they cant always get a hold of him because of the Elders not in our ward use him... i just think it is messed up so i told the other missionaries that they should talk to president about that because to me its not appropriate, but i dont know.
Anyway this week was pretty good i enjoyed it my companion and i are getting along a little better... its not so much that we dont like eachother its more that we have almost absolutely zero in common. and so we have been working on that and not to mention his trainer didnt really train him... he kind of treated him like crap so i have just been trying to do what i can to help him have a good start to his mission ya know what i mean? its been good i think being with all these companions that i dont have anything in common with is just helping me be able to deal with alot of different kinds of people and be able to get along with them... so im just trying to look for the good in everyday and things have been going pretty smooth.
We had a Baptism Yesterday... it was super awesome the kids name is George he is a good kid and i have had fun teaching him. their whole family is less active and we have been working with them and trying to get them more active and it has been working! i love it! its the same family that are going to be having the Wedding and then the Baptism in August... they are coming along slowly but surely.
We had some good contacts this week... one night it was 8:50ish and we arent suppose to be in until 9 right? well anyway we didnt know what to do and we were heading home and i was feeling bad because i dont want to go in early i think that is a waste of time... so we are heading home and i just ask Heavenly Father what we should do and the thought came to me... you live in your area... walk down the street. That was all that came to me and that came to because i guess i forgot i lived in the area... i have been so used to living of my area that i didnt think about it... i have lived out of my area for about 9 months. and so thats what we did and we walked down the street and we came to two ladies that were standing talking to eachother waiting for their ride and come to find out they had talked to missionaris before and they moved and lost contact with them... she said she loved learning from them and that everytime they would leave she would desire more... we gave her our phone number and she said she would get in contact with us... i thought that was way cool... the promptings from the spirit are the best way missionary work can get done i could have easily just went in for the night but i listened to the spirit and i think it could end up giving us someone to teach!
we had a couple experiences like that and it really is a blessing to see the lords help everyday and i dont know what i would do without relying on him. thats about it for this week we are
hoping to have an even better week this upcoming one... we have another baptism this week it should be very good!
dont worry about not writing very much i dont really care the length of your emails... i just like hearing from you guys it makes my whole week and i love it... a great way to start of the week is just hearing from my family.
um you asked if there was anything i need and the only thing i can think of is my contacts... have you found anything out about that? i am wearing my last pair right now.
other than that...LiFe Is GoOd!
thank you all very much for everything and i hope you have an enjooyable week!
Oh! we do get our new President on Thursday and i am not sure what to think about it... i love President and Sister Pike alot they are awesome people... i am not sure if anyone would be able to replace Sister Pike she is a wonderful person and i will miss them alot. we have a goodbye meeting with them on Wednesday and i am super sad. But just like everything... you have to move on and enjoy what you have because if you dont then you are just wasting maybe some of the best things that could happen because you are to worried about the things in the past.
i love everyone of you with all my heart!!
Love Elder Emery

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