Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey guys how are you all doing? it sounded like you had a pretty busy but fun filled week! that is awesome!
Alright so i have 15 minutes untill this computer kicks me off and so i will try and type as fast as i can about all the things that happened this week Ok? so first off my foot is doing alright i am not liking it but atleast it will have a chance to heal... tracting is hard because of the crutches but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do ya know what im saying? i only have to have it on for a couple more weeks so im just waiting it out. i had hope that i would be able to get it cut off at the end of this week because a kid that we are teaching is getting ready to be baptized this sunday and he asked me to baptize him... and so i was like yes!! i get to take off my cast but the mission president said to just wrap it up :( the kid that is getting baptized his family are members... they would have had him baptized before but he is a little nervous about being under water he has some sort of autism... and turrets but he is a great little kid... i dont think that i have ever used karate in so many lessons... ha he is also telling me that he is going to splash me with the water when he gets baptized... i told him that wouldnt be very nice... he was like yeah but i will do it before the baptism and then that sin can be washed away hahaha i thought it was really funny!
The mission president is awesome... we met with him and i am going to like him alot. haha in our meeting that our zone had with him sister Becerra was asking what happened to my foot and i told her basketball and she was saying that President is a very good bball player and then president told me he could take me... and that he was going to dunk it over me. so i took the challenge but i wont be able to play until my cast is off!
He talked to us about faith and i tell you it was an aswer to my prayers i have been really trying to up my faith and i even studied about it the morning of our meeting with him and i feel so much better! what he told us was amazing im so grateful to be serving under him! it is going to be a really good year here in california! he wants us to double our baptisms and i know it is possible!
well i have to be going because i am out of time... it sounds like you guys are doing well and that everything is going pretty good for you i love you all very much...
oh yes we have 2 baptisms this week i will tell you all about it next week!!
Hey sorry guys i could not send my email yesterday because the computer kicked me off... so i was able to send this today...
i love you all and miss you very much! i hope you all have a great week!!
Love Elder Emery

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